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I could just cry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by LittleMama65, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. I just saw on the news.in Pheonix AZ,.a wharehouse was raided by DEA agents who found 2000 pounds of pot, worth about a million dollars! I saw them stacking huge bricks on the ground. 2000 pounds! dam! guess it's gonna be dry here for a while. }:( sorry to bare bad news,but this sucks and I had to vent! For those in AZ, I feel you pain!
  2. yeah i've seen the buggers burn it all on tv before.....a mountain of it....the bastards.....the helicopter pilot was lovin it!!........hence the "was"....lol...Peace out....Sid
  3. Dam,those buggers! I would've been willing to "burn" it for them! :D

  4. haha
  5. Yet another example of the DEA cracking down in the wrong area. We must not continue fighting the weed. We must accept it. Now let's think, the laws are backwards! They are backwards!

    Alcohol is a danger to not only yourself, but other people. It makes you aggressive and violent. It really messes with your judgement. Weed makes you calm and passive, and interestingly enough, it does NOT pose a serious threat to other people. (We don't see mother's against driving while stoned).


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