i confess i did it

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. .............i bought a cd the other day....ive been on a mission to not buy cd's cause im still all pissy i cant trade anymore. well that lasted a long time.
    i wanted it for a long time........
    i feel bad
    really bad....

    mostly cause if id listened to a couple more songs i wouldnta bought it.......lol
    theres me karma......i sold my boycot for 16 bucks an im still waitin for my new cd togrow on me :D
    anyone else holding out or have you slipped too?
  2. Nah, I haven't slipped! Well, I slipped in the shower the other day. I dropped the soap and then put my foot on top of it and, well....don't do that cause then the soap slides around and you end up on your ass. :p

  3. im all about keepin you high on your feet rumjil! thats what im for! now lets talk shower schedule!

    as for me, its so tight! cant spare a dime...my will is stronger than I think I guess! got FIVE new cds out that i waaaaaant. holding off quite nicely so far! its good to know I can hold off on some things...:D
  4. hey higha! what cd!?! :)
  5. people still buy music... ;)

    at leat ya didn't slip the other way an end up with the faucet you know where...:D
  6. I download and buy music :) Usually download to see if i like, then go buy the cd...

  7. remember that downloading mp3's for free... isn't legal and should not be done.....:D

    artists have feelings to ya know.....haha :p

  8. me too, an if i liked a few id buy the cd. but id hate to break the law, hehe
    thanks for the site budmonkey

    an i forgot the biggest thing in my "i shouldnt have bought the cd" i left it in the car and when i got it out later i left the ignition on for 3 days.......so my not so good cd, now costs about 70$ lol

  9. you know weed isn't legal either :) jk

    i usually download a few songs, and then buy their CD if it sounds good.
  10. fuck em....

    i download music till it slowes down my computer and i have to burn it off just to get the fucker moving again.....

    but i also buy music....

    i also down load movies....

    but tell me ....if you download it and you like it ...arnt you gonna go buy the dvd anyway to get the special features?

    i wish entertainers would stop complaining....

    oh no...someone is downloading my song....now i cant buy as many bmw's as i wanted this mounth...

    fuck em....

    eat the rich!

  11. im glad we allll see the irony in this together :)

    dirtyd, music yes if i like a few songs ill buy the cd. guarenteed.
    but a movie......nope id not rebuy it that be the truth. when i chose between buying a tape and a dvd, i usually get the tape(unless my kids with me, he cares bout all the extras,...poor little smartypants doesnt have to pay for em tho then he begs for the dvd......
    so ya'll are still snaggin songs n such...im just way toooo paranoid :D
    oooh the irony

    edit......im high,..crap didnt even make sence to me.

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