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  1. "haven't you people ever heard of
    a fucking guitar solo"

    I'm so tired of shitty, boring, recycled music. One tenth of the songs on the radio is something that I would listen to while I wasn't listening to the radio, and the rest of it is either just boring or fucking horrible.

    Fucking manufactured bands

    Panic At The Disco/Fall Out Boy (since fuck it they're the same band anyway)
    Puddle of fucking Mud
    NICKELBACK fuckkkkkkk
    311 (but fuck it this is a weed forum)
    Dark New Day

    You guys know the shit.

    Rant with me or if you happen to enjoy a large portion of the bands here, feel free to give me your opinion even though your opinion sucks because your opinion on music sucks.

    Contribute to the list, if you like, and let's all give one big fuck you to manufactured bullshit.

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