I caught these 2 kids smoking at school.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sir Psycho, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. (Btw this thread has nothing to do with the other one about a guy smoking at school.)

    Alright this is pretty funny. I was at school and i left class to go take a piss. i walked in the bathroom and i immediately smelled weed. So i just started smiling cuz i knew someone had been smoking in their. So i just go about my business until i notice that there is 2 kids in 1 stall doing something. I pretty much guessed they were smoking so i kinda laughed a little, but right when they heard me i turned around and one of the kids was on the floor crawling through the stalls ( the nasty floor of the bathroom:eek:). So i was just like wtf! When he made it out he stood up and looked at me, i could tell he was blazed as shit. It was some little freshman and he just looked at me and took off running like a madman out of the bathroom. I was a bit confused. maybe they thought i would snitch or something.

    Back to the story... After the one kid ran i remembered that he still had his friend who stayed in the stall. i turned around and the kid locked the door to the stall and stayed in their while i washed my hands. I was still laughing to myself about the one kid just taking off running. I walked out of the bathroom and started walking back to class when another kid (im guessing the second one in the stall) comes running out of the bathroom and down the hall.

    It was pretty damn funny when it happened.
  2. I would never smoke in school..

    You shoulda scared em.. maybe do a little deep voice "come out of there!"

    That woulda been hilarious.. Poor freshmen.
  3. hahaha man thats sketchy as hell. i think smoking in the actual school is just straight up retarded. im all for being high in school but i would never toke up there. i mean at least go outside if you gotta smoke during school.
  4. rofl... This was at high school I assume...

    I woulda of been laughing my fucking ass off at this.... I would of offered for those kids to take a ride with me and smoke a bowl too :smoking:

    Fucking morons... Smoking in the high school bathroom.... They didn't even use a sploof!! Just asking to get caught....

    You should of fucked with them though... Like throwing wet paper towels on them or something... Started talking like you were a teacher or some shit...

    *Funny story (for me, not the kid) back in high school me and my friends were pretty much idiots and did stupid stuff for fun... It was back in the day, w/e. Anyways, for one reason or another we used to fuck with people taking shits at school... One day my friend got the bright idea to throw a whole milk carton freshly opened on the kid in the stall.. Well, it wasn't a kid.. It was some teacher, but before we were caught we were bookin it down the hall.. lol good times....
  5. About every time you went in the bathroom there was someone smoking a cig in there in my high school. So every time I would walk in there I would just fuck with everyone.
    Something like...


    Literally kids would start mob-rushing the door trying to get out and not get caught and realize it was just me standing there laughing
  6. one time i bought a grinder from a friend and it was in the bf so i took it in the stall to check it out and its making noise and some guy is there washing his hand a friend of mines and hes telling some friend in the next class that something weird was in the bathroom lol. and he couldnt see my legs, i came out and it was like a sigh of relief for him. lol.

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