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Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. over the years it seems that i have been able to like feel whats going to happen, for example, when i was in school, i would just sit down in a seat at the beginning of the year.. and half the time that would be my seat.. like 3 out of 6 classes... weird.. just things like this all the time.. and i was thinking about the lottery... i think i might win!! wait.. IM GOING TO! its going to be around 14.3 million.. not for sure with or without taxes... but its going to happen, gunna get my mustang (black cobra convertable) a nice house on the beach, and mabey like 20 lbs of weed... hummm... and paintball shit, bout 20 tho on that... and prolly end up giving most the rest away to family n friends.... what would you guys do with like 15 million?
  2. i would buy an entire city..and kick everyone out of it..then i'd streak....a lot
  3. lol, sounds fun... wow, 300 miles.. thats like here to.... umm.... 3...0....0.... miles away.....

  4. I would by the city next to him, invite all of you guys and streak even more.
  5. 15 mill is alot of money i would probly end up useing most of it to bail me out of jail cause ill be partying to hard
  6. I'd buy me an election, then leaglize it. ooHOO Ah screw it, it would be cheaper to buy a small country then sell my crop to the US. Your all invited. :smoke:
  7. Buy big house in middle of nowhere
    Buy growing equipment
    Buy large varieties of seed
    Grow large varieties of weed

    Give some to family and friends

    Invest some in Uni etc cos that will be quite expensive and I would rather my family didn't have to pay for it.

    Buy my ass a new car.

  8. i would probly work a little if i had that kind of coin. travel alot. take friends with me,my treat of course. i would definately give my close friends and family good chunk of change. i would really like to buy a huge house lakefront, with a huge deck that is right over the water. like a big dock but attached to my house. ooo the things i would do.

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