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I Cant Score! (in Vermont?!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Luma, Nov 24, 2011.

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    What is the deal!? So frustrating. I made a contact from a friend of a friend and he's like ya... "tonight or tomorrow, I gotta talk to my guy". That was 3 days ago. Today asked my sister cuz her neighbor smokes so she went over there and he was home but wouldnt answer the door. Good lord. Then I was up in Burlington getting a carbon adapter made today and I just got fed up and asked some dudes where I could score and they say yeah, "we should get some tonight" took my number and still no call. I thought being Vermont, this would be easy. Well at least easier than Florida.

    Ive been trying to score for a week. It's killing me. First time I have tried to score up here since moving from Florida and as odd as it seems, it's been hard. Very hard. And there is SO much green up here! Not including the $120 I've spent at the head shop the past 3 days getting everything ready on my illy.

    I had to vent. I'm all upset. :(:(:(

    Anybody else have this much trouble in a new area?
  2. prohibition is the culprit
  3. I swear this was going to be one of those "asking for a hookup" threads.

    Sorry to hear you're stuck being dry. Is your sister opposed to trying her neighbor again?

    Edit: when I first moved down to Miami, the only people I knew here stuck to unmentionables and looked down on weed. It was up to me to find a deal. Took a while but you will find one, don't worry
  4. i feel you i moved up to U.P. michigan from north carolina and it took me weeks to find somebody...i met him at the college (NMU) he gave me his number but it turns out it was the wrong number he gave if i wanna score again i have to either go back up there and ask someone or go to the local headshop where i met someone who would hook me up in the first weekend in december..(thanksgiving break) so until then i have to wait.

    you aren't the only one. give it time i guess.
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    The neighbor guy is unreliable and very odd. He never seems to leave other than to get beer she says. He's house locked and totally un social. It was an idea. I only know 1 person here and she is trying to help but no go so far.:confused:. It took me months to find "a guy" in Florida. I had a friend that I got some from time to time but he wouldnt ever give me his guys number. I'm not the typical stoner tho. Well dressed and professional. Maybe that is deterring people. IDK... Just so frustrated.
  6. I usually copped bud up from my man up at school. He was pretty chill to be honest, but i picked up from him about a month ago, and all of a sudden the FEDS, yes i really do mean FEDS not cops. These guys were in suits and ties in a blacked out tahoe truck and pulled us out of the car just to end up weren't who we were looking for. Maybe im just paranoid but i never dealt with that kid ever again, because he was obviously peachy when they stopped us. Ultimately to make a long story short i lost my connect and haven't toked in about a month.

    Literally...losing my mind. (Im in NY so vermont is around the corner =0)
  7. Been 4 months for me. Was also in a rollover accident from a semi 2 months ago. I'm freakin stressed.
  8. Dam im sorry for your accident, shit like that never ends well. I hope you are feeling better, even tho there is no green in your life. If it makes you feel better you aren't the only one losing your mind.
  9. [quote name='"Snowman00"'] If it makes you feel better you aren't the only one losing your mind.[/quote]

    You are also not the only one dry right now
  10. I've BEEN dry. It's miserable, sadly my college grades are dropping because of this. Smoke up and hit the books it's the only way.
  11. I feel sorry for you man... everyone should have unlimited access to chronic buds like we do here in Montana. Vermont has some wack medical laws... glad i live in the west... it's the best.

    Sometimes it's hard for me to chose who to get weed from... i can stay in my city and get mediocre dank for $280/oz, go to another city in MT to pick up cheaper fire that is alot better for $225/oz, or go to a whole another state like Colorado/Washington and pick up $150-200/oz of the best shit money can buy haha. The further i go west or south the cheaper...
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    Every single time I see you post you are just listing and bragging about your prices. I could recite your ounce prices.

    Like, we get it. Montana.
  13. cool man. Just ignore me if you dont like what you see :p

    Vermont is a pretty state though... one of the few east coast states that would be interesting to visit. Looks beautiful in fall...

    And im just listing shit off man... not trying to brag as i know canadians are paying $100-180/oz.
  14. Its so hard for me to find bud here in san diego...wait a minute, no its not.
  15. Make a Facebook and get to messaging lol
  16. I live in PA. Best friend is in VT right now over in Rutland. He has no trouble, at all, and he only stays there for a 6 month vacation working at the Mountain.

    What part of VT are you in?
  17. I feel for you, man. I just spent the past month and a half dry. It SUCKED SO MUCH, especially after spending the summer in norcal. Serious deprivation. I only just got a new connect and picked up a half oz on Thursday.

    The only upshot here is that being dry makes you take a completely unintentional t-break. It's like being a ganj virgin all over again.
  18. I just moved out to colorado here in september, it took me untill November to find a source that i dont have to drive an hour for. I was lucky enough to know a few people in denver to pick up from and had friends hook me up with their friends down there. But after i got a job it was easy ask cake.

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