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I can't live in this country anymore

Discussion in 'General' started by ZihgZag, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I honestly can't, the sheer stupidity of the United States is unfathomable. Every time I turn on the news it's the most stupid shit I've ever seen. Justin Bieber, republicans, whiney ass hurt conservative, whiney ass hurt house mom, whiney ass hurt tea partyist.

    The hypocrisy is the biggest thing I can't take, and it's everywhere

    For instance, the entire country is bitching about the health care law, how we don't need it, how we have the best healthcare, how we're the smartest blah blah blah blah

    Then I look at the news and it says some girl lost both her hands and legs because it took her 5 hours to be seen by the ER. Fucking pathetic.

    Also, we're 37th in the world in healthcare, right behind Slovinia, which is attrocious.

    Yet the Reublicans run around and try to appeal it when all Obama's trying to do is improve our piece of shit system and prevent people from becoming bankrupt off a simple medical problem.

    Then they tell Obama about how bad the deficiet is after they create it. Every single scrap of debt this country has has come from republicans, just look at the graph


    The failed policies of Ronald Reagan caused one of the biggest deficiet increases in US history, followed by the Bush Wars and the Bush tax cuts.

    Reublicans literally belive that we should starve the government of money through tax cuts and then start wars, increase defense spending, cut our children's education (the rest of the world is INCREASEING education spending, that's why they're smarter than us), cut out health care system (cause who gives a fuck about the sick, right?) and anything else vital to the nation's infastructure, like transportation, cause who the fuck needs roads?

    They also insist on the cutting of unemployment, cause if you miss work, oh well, you don't need to eat or support your family.

    Then they blame all of the nation's problems on Obama who inherited not only a 3 TRILLION dollar war but a ressession and the largest federal debt in US history.

    He's managed to get us out of a reccession in 2 years flat, passed the most sweeping regulation of credit cards in decades and created a national health care system.

    The debt has risen while he's been president, but the reasons are not what you might expect. Republicans wouldn't budge when it came to giving tax breaks for the rich (because they themselves are rich, duh) and therefore robbed Obama of much needed government revenue.

    Also, he's in the middle of the biggest recession since the 30s, and is forced to spend money to help the economy recover.

    Honestly what do you want from this man? To create a flawless health care system, recover the housing market, increase education, increase defense, all while getting us out of a reccession and lowering the deficiet?

    It's not going to happen, the president isn't superman. Companies are making RECORD profits right now and refusing to spend them on jobs for the american people. Basically, after we save their asses they're uninterested in investing back into the American people.

    This isn't his fault, Obama cannot FORCE companies to share their wealth. They can sit on their billions of dollars and make faces and there isn't a damn thing the prez can do.

    What really broke the camel's back was this:

    Are whites racially oppressed? -

    Basically enforcing the notion that white people are losing their power and are "scared" about it.

    Give me a fucking break, this was obviously written by some butt hurt conservative asshole who had his shoe stepped on by a black guy.

    It even said in the article that the majority of Tea Partyists, Republicans and Eveangelics held this view.

    Exactly, because liberals aren't fucking retarded

    I'm going to move to Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands or New Zealand when I get the cash, I honestly can't take the headache that is American culture any longer. :wave:
  2. haha i didnt read it all but i feel ya man

    its a big fuckin headache a lot of times and i cant blame you for feeling the way you do

    good luck gettin outta here bru
  3. Dude i know what you mean my c ountry sucks aswell..its a metter of tome before i leave
  4. I just don't really think about it. :confused_2:
  5. Also, what Republicans don't realize (or that they don't care, shit I wouldn't care either if I was getting payed thousands from Health Care companies and drug cooperations) is that the health care law will lower the deficiet by 1.4 trillion over ten years, making it a business smart plan even by Republican standards.

    However, they're only focus is on making sure Obamacare never see's daylight, even though the cost of replealing it is $230 BILLION dollars.

    That's enough to make a building the size of a skyscraper out of money.

    My brain never stops hurting :confused:
  6. Dude you must think about it,seroiously its inmportant :p
  7. I can't do shit to change it. Why worry over something completely out of your control?
  8. dude you have got to be kidding me. Obama ruined this country. I don't think you realize how awesome it really is to live in America. When you leave you will be sorry
  9. There are more "American Cultures" than just the ones portrayed by the News, bro. Get away from the television and you will find like minded individuals. Just because the majority of people these days enjoy fucking things up for the rest of us, is no reason to lump people you've never even met into a group and call them "whiney".

    You talk about "whiney" reps, house moms, and tea partyists, in your opening...calling them Hypocrites.

    now...not to sound like a Complete asshole here but....youre "whining" about them "whining". Just sittin back complaining about things you don't agree with does Nothing.

    If you wanna be happier dude, you have to find the path to it (happiness) yourself. For you you say it's leaving the country, I looked over the reasons given, and agree it's some Shit. Don't get me wrong about my comment over you talking about republicans and such....I hate both parties really. The 2 party system is what fucked politics to begin with, apart from natural human Greed.
  10. Dude forget america...just belive in humanity and you be set for .life..... We are all set for greatness
  11. Of course mister BEEJAY420TAP has something to say about this :laughing:
  12. I'm sick as fuck man I need health care.
  13. Vote early and vote often.

    Don't let folks run down unions or Obama without speaking up. Ronzos main goal was to create a class system in America where Republicans have all the money and Democrats do all the work. Due to people not voting and saying their vote doesn't count he has mostly succeded.

    We need to tax the hell out of any company that sends jobs overseas and cancel the b1 or b2 visa program. There is no shortage of qualified engineers and scientists in America but there is a shortage of American companies who are willing to pay a fair wage for them.

    The issues with the economy are all about the Republicans lining their pockets at the expense of the regular working folks and the environment. None of this matters to the Republicans because they all believe the rapture is coming. They believe there will be another flood or other "god" caused natural disaster coming that will wipe out everything anyway. So why should they worry about polluting the environment or causing misery among the working class. The rapture is going to wipe it all out anyway and there will be no historians or even any history to say how bad they were. In the mean time they want to grab all the money they can and live as high on the hog as possible. The end is near.
  14. That's why I live in Costa Rica. What do we got that USA doesn't? Lets go over a few of my favorites

    1) We have free health care & great doctors
    2) NO MILITARY, they abolished that back in 1948 (hence the groovy health care)
    3) We have a 95% literacy rate
    4) 27% of the country is protected land or designated park
    5) 80% of all the energy used in Costa Rica is renewable, and we will be the first country in the world to be carbon neutral by 2020
    6) The property taxes on my 2 hectare farm and nice house are only $25 per year
    7) One of the most bio diverse areas on Earth being part of the land bridge between North and South America
    8) We were voted recently by an independent worldwide pole as being the happiest people on Earth -
    9) We got monkeys... what can I say, I dig monkeys
    10) You look outside your window and maybe see a Robin, or a Cardinal. I look out mine and see Scarlet Macaws and Toucans....

    Thats off the top of my head

    I got sick of the USA and I will never live there again. Our government is fucked, and its not really the presidents fault, any of them, they are largely just figure heads and have very little real power.

    The problem is in Congress

    The first thing that needs to happen is term limitations for congress. But for that to happen they would have to create the law themselves and then pass it, and that would just never happen. They will never put themselves out of work willingly.

    While that fact alone is in place, no term limitations, the system will never improve.

    My 2 cents
  15. America fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!
  16. by the people for the people my ass

    i plan on bringing common sense back with me to america
  17. move to canada. i dgaf.
  18. Thomas Paine, is that you?! I knew you smoked bud :cool:

    Pura vida!!! I can't wait to visit family in Costa Rica :cool: how is the weed there?
  19. [quote name='Royksopp']Thomas Paine, is that you?! I knew you smoked bud :cool:

    damn i used to love history, good reference. but nah yall shall see. what i am planning is undebatable.
  20. Yeah I owe a ton of money in student loans. If something goes bad and I can't pay it back I'm bouncing to Costa Rica.

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