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I cant light a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NysourD, May 9, 2011.

  1. Everytime i try i always burn myself
  2. hmm you must be dumb as fuck...
  3. hahaha
  4. A troll has come out from under the bridge...
  5. I'll offer advice here so that this kid can have his/her question answered and this thread can be done with. There is no need to insult the kid, they already can't light a bowl, isn't that punishment enough?? :p

    Alright. If you want to avoid burning yourself when you light a bowl, try
    Tilting the bowl slightly to the side
    Inhaling strongly so that the flame is sucked down towards the bowl
    Flicking your lighter with your pointer finger, this positions your fingers farther from the flame.

  6. i guess ur right XD
  7. #7 NysourD, May 9, 2011
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  8. hm. could have sworn it was a troll...
  9. Try this:

    First off, hold it right. You should be able to comfortably plug the side hole, and support the entire pipe in that hand.

    Next, light the lighter. Rotate the lighter 180 degrees so that the flame goes AWAY from your fingers and the sparker. Now put the lighter near the edge of the bowl and inhale with control to get the best intake rate.

    It might take a little practice. Don't give up!
  10. Smoke Blunts.
  11. light it in front of the bowl, upright and inhale the flame onto the weed.
  12. his name is NYsourD yet he cant light his own bowl. the irony here. I wonder if he even knows what Sour D is or if hes smoked it before
  13. #13 NysourD, May 9, 2011
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    I know what Sour D is.i smoke blunts n joints i only smoked from a pipe once
  14. keep trying brah you gonna get it and its gonna be worth it
  15. i just dont understand why u cant just use your common sense to see what ur doing wrong...
  16. not forsure,
    I blazed this kid once out of my zong for his first time,
    Burned his forehead like 3 times before learning how to use it.
    it's fricken hilarious.
  17. Because what may seem second nature to one person may be very complicated to another. My sister has quite a few mental/learning issues, I bet she would have trouble lighting a bowl if she smoked.. Sometimes you just gotta have patience beyond what you think is reasonable. Everyone's different, ya know?
  18. man i had trouble at first all my friends seem to too its all good

  19. true but if ur burning yourself it should be an instinct to hold that shit a different way or something..
  20. You guys are harsh on this kid, if it's not a chillum, tilt it down and to the side. Just make sure nothing falls out, you'll get it soon enough. You could also try alone if your scared of being laughed at. Just keep at it bro.

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