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I cant hardly get high anymore! why?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RIP Dimebag, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. I remember when i first started smoking...colors and sounds were more vibrant, time seemed to be slowed down, i would laugh my ass off at damn near everything, and it would only take 3 hits max to achieve. Now, about 6 years later, i dont get any of that. Even after bowl after bowl, the only effect on my brain is that sense of peace. thats it. no more of any of that cool stuff that made me like it so much in the first place. even after tolerance breaks of up to several weeks or in one case several months (like 9 or something) i just cant get stoned enough to have crazy artistic thoughts or fathom our existence and purpose and all that crazy stoner shit. Shiiiiiit, i could smoke til the cows come home, and so long as i eliminated the smell, no one would ever even notice that i was the slightest bit baked. you know? i mean before, people could tell i was stoned easily just by listening to me talk or something. but now.....i dont know. i guess i just wish it would go back to the way it was before or something. so my question is simply this: WTF? WHY?
  2. Smoke More or Better....:cool:
  3. When you first start smoking, you're not used to it, and the THC has a greater effect on you. Once you've gotten used to it, you build a tolerance - and not just a physical one, but a mental one as well. You've smoked so much that you know what to expect. The only way to get back to that kind of high is usually ingesting something with more potency; hash, edibles, something like that.

    Out of curiosity; has your attitude toward smoking changed at all since you first started? When you went to smoke a bowl that first time, and the few times after that, were you in the same mindset that you are now? Or is it more routine now? Do you smoke in the same places?

    Try smoking in new places with different people; your environment affects you more than you realize. Go to a place where you get PUMPED UP, and see the effect it has on you. Try your favorite activity there, or in a comfortable, creativity-enhancing environment. Try your own ideas for new things. Once you fall into a routine, life becomes stale. Think outside the box, my friend :smoke:
  4. quote worthy right there. thank you. that was just the type of answer i was looking for.
  5. T break or Dab
  6. #6 FattyAssSnaps, Jul 13, 2012
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    I would say throw some good hash on top of dank weed and smoke maybe a vape as it gives you a more euphoric and uplifting creative high at least in my expierience. Maybe try a lot more different strains and even make edibles or hash from trim. Just something to make the expierience a little different too like setting maybe smoke in a different area or somewhere where you might have more of a euphoric rush like a park or somewhere really cool in nature. Also maybe smoke with different people or by yourself more if you don't smoke alone too much. A break really won't do too much if anything it will be exciting the first to maybe 3rd time then it will get the same shit again. Hash and Vapes really do wonders though. Also aren't you supposed to post questions in apprentice tokers??
  7. Yeah.
    Hash or dab.
    That shit will fuck anyone up haha
  8. You need to find some better weed - trust me, I've had that same shitty feeling in the past - My God, my tolerance is so high because I'm a smoking machine - not really boss, most likely you're toking on subpar ganja.

    I've been smoking grass everyday since 2001, and I still get high as the sky every time. You just need to find some buds like this:


  9. ^^ yeah that..
  10. Holy shit! Imagine smoking a gram of that topped with hash made from that thing. I would be on a different planet I would be so high. Get it? Planets are high in the sky? I'm terrible :rolleyes:
  11. Vaporizer.

    Or if that's out of the question, get some dank and smoke more. My tolerance is through the roof and a .5 pinner of some dank gets me feelin niiiiceeee. 1.5g blunt to myself and a buddy and I'm absolutely through the roof though.
  12. Vaporize once a day with the Arizer Extreme Q and your problem will disappear.
  13. better quality or t-break

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