i cant get high anymore :'''(

Discussion in 'General' started by Raychurch456, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. idk but when ever i smoke i dont get as high as i used to.:( does any one have any tips how i could get higher???? this happens to some of my friends also. and dont say smoke better weed, cause we smoke dro, and ocassionally kush ( and mybe some sour d.
  2. I'm assuming you smoke multiple times a day:

    Just don't smoke for about five days, and during that time exercise regularly and eat healthy, your tolerance should become much closer to it was when you first starting smoking.
  3. tolerance break.
  4. Upgrade to heroin

    Wait, I meant to say tolerance break
  5. :hello:try E and acid at the same time then just boogie!
  6. No I do not recommend candy flipping, unless you want to die. Probably as stupid as speedballing.

    You ever try some snuff? or a little placebo kief snort? :D

    Take a 2 week tolerance break, smoke once and see how low your tolerance is, if it is still high then finish the rest of that month up drug free and you're good to go
  7. if you can learn how to properly use the drug you will achieve the high your looking for every time
  8. ^not gonna die if you candyflip...

    Try taking some time off the herbs like everyone has said. you'll be surprised at how baked you'll get.
  9. if you start smoking multiple times a day, pretty much toking up when your high starts wearing off, you start not being able to tell the difference from being sober and being stoned. The point of being stoned is to escape normality, once your high more than you're sober, or anywhere near, you'er just abusin it too much, not supposed to smoke like that
  10. Even if you just cut back it helps, the other option is to smoke more, whichever one your wallet favors more
  11. great tips guys but i was wondering more about techniuques, like elevator shottys
  12. have you ever candy flipped?

    don't bash drugs that you don't know about/haven't done...
  13. I was joking....

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