I can't get her to go down?

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  1. I've been dating this girl for three months, we are really close even though we don't go to the same school. We go to a lot of shows like the lil wayne concert that just came by. We like to chill and we smoke then hook up but she won't go down. I go down to try to let her know but she doesn't follow up. Does she not like it?
  2. Sounds to me like she doesn't like doing it but hasn't told you. Ask her, she likes doing it. Also, try honey and chocolate syrup. My girl loves that shit hehe.
  3. 3 months and no dome and u still talking to this bitch? :confused:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UIbFbo0yzk]YouTube - Lil wayne Shut up bitch swallow[/ame]
  4. Get a new chick then.

    Kidding of course.

    But really.
  5. Maybe she's bad at it. that's rude of her though... don't go down on her anymore then, she clearly doesn't know how to return a favor!!
  6. Headlocks work.
  7. don't start holding out on her too. that will start some kind of war on holding out on things since she is holding out on you. if it's something you can't deal with (i wouldn't be able to), then you just need to lay down the law!
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    well he's not getting any anyways, sooo uh, why does it matter?
  9. LOL at the lil wayne song, he's the best.

    I guess I'll ask her about it later today or something.
  10. man yo, you cant push shit like that..
    if she dosent want to oh well...
    i personally do not like asking for it.
    if they want to do it i let them go ahead.
    i think of asking them to do it...is disrespect.

  11. What girls have you been hanging out with? That isnt disrespectful man, ive been with a couple outspoken girls who tell me what they want, so i tell them what i want. I mean its more like asking obviously but im just saying.

    I think the majority of girls would feel disrespected if you expected it but asking is just good communicating.

    If not asking them at least bringing it up would be fine imo.
  12. :cool:
    yeah that is what i mean i been with a bunch of girls..
    like my last convo with a outspoken girl "omg he had the biggest cock and he made m swallow" me "ehh" walk away.:cool:
    i guess imo i do not like asking girls to give me it... they have to ask me.
    or if i know them and i know they like giving head i ask..:cool:
    but if im drunk at a party and im about to fuck idk i just don't like asking them..
    :cool:'cause i don't like the fact that if she like it or not..
    might aswell fuck instead of ruining the moment by her getting pissed 'cause that happened:cool:
    to me like twice before.
    :cool:or idk lol help?:cool:

  13. /thread
  14. nothin wrong with askin for it. you will be suprised what you can get a girl to do if you have her worked up enough. you start pushin the right buttons and she will do it with out even thinking. every girl has a lil sex whore in her. dont let them fool ya. lol.

  15. haha best answer
  16. Yo if you really like this girl then just give her more time to warm-up. But imo,going down is a absolute must.I could care less what her reasons are for not to. I.e. Oh I never done that before, there's a first time for everything girl, oh I don't know how. Bitch ill teach you...lol. No head is a deal breaker period. I'll never fuck a bitch without nomore...Bun-B
  17. :cool:???????????????????

    Sounds like you are a kid. Kids expect, adults communicate. I'm pretty sure you know not to just say "HEY WANT TO SUCK MY COCK?" But instead do it smoothly- move her to the area, communicate via "eyes" or even do the old' whip it out and look at her trick. Take control, that's what men do (unless you have a wild girl, and you won't have trouble figuring shit out then!) I would even suggest porn, they sound smoother than you are :)
  18. lol...
    i wouldent do that.. i said eyy you wanna give me head.
    and shes like i dont do that....
    then she got mad..
    like if shes told me that before..and i was puzzled.
    then i left.

  19. :laughing:

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