I cant freaking believe....

Discussion in 'General' started by Blazed&Confuzed, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. That you all just lost the game....
  2. You know it's people like you that make this game stupid. It's the same reason I no longer play the game with all my friends. The game is best played forgetting your playing a couple weeks at a time. I don't understand why it's fun to make people lose the game, I mean it's funny sometimes but make it creative. Make it one of those, read the first or last words of my sentences things. Or better yet just remind people of things that are games, they will lose if they're actually playing. However just going around shouting "YOU LOST THE GAME YOU LOST THE GAME YOU LOST THE GAME" just takes away the point of even playing....
  3. uhhh what is this?
  4. Oh chill out, Mr. Bike-a-thon (Hah! My new nickname for ya, Mike), you lost the game fare and square.

    But I didn't.


    I don't read.

    I absorb shit.

    And that felt like "CON".

  5. Meh, it doesn't bother me to lose the game... I mean that's all part of playing the game. What bothers me is HOW people play the game, it becomes less fun and more of mundane thing when you lose the game every 30 mins on cue.
  6. You got a point.

    Oh, by the way, Deezy, this well help you understand:

  7. i still dont get it but have fun with that shit fellers!
  8. I don't play the game.

    Ive had people try to tell me that since I know of the game, I play the game. But I do not play the game.

  9. Tough shit, because on've you've heard about it, you're playing, regardless of what you may think to the contrary.

    The Game
  10. god damn it i got sucked it im never going to win now

  11. same here lol

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