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I can't find info on this anywhere, please help.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carrythezer0, May 12, 2010.

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    If the cop who charged me with possesion lost his badge (the cop broke this dudes neck while arresting him, he suffered severe head trauma which resulted in death and this was ruled a homicide), is it viable for me to get the charges dropped based on him not being able to be there with his badge? I mean, I guess they could bring him to court, but without his badge, does that mean shit?

  2. I might be high but i just dont understand your wording. who got killed the cop or the guy?:confused:
  3. The cop killed an unarmed guy during an arrest, and the cop lost his badge.
  4. that guy is a dick, and should be throw in prison the rest of his life for murder.
  5. They'll probably still bring him in if his court dates don't conflict with yours, if that happens your court date will probably be rescheduled since a homicide takes precedence over a drug charge. The reason I say he will probably be there is because he may not have his badge but he can still be used as a witness, his credibility is soild to the jury even when his emotions aren't. But either way I wish you the best of luck dude.

  6. Hang on we dont know the full story bro.
    What if the guy had a knife or something and was attacking him or some other situation.
    Also i think you can have that appealed ask a attorney they can give free legal advice like that, call around
    Also tell us the full story so we can ge ta ideal of what happend and we can give good advice
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    Well I can say if the cop killed the guy and it was ruled a homocide, the credability of the cop is very very low and you might be able to bring it up in court. However, the arrest where he killed someone was an entirely different affiar, and if he didnt violate procedure when charging you then you might be in trouble

    EDIT: Without his badge he is no longer a cop, but he could still be used as a witness since the cases are unrelated.
  8. Ask your lawyer. When a cop here was busted for stealing drugs from a pharmacy, all his previous drug arrests got review, and most walked.
  9. I can't afford a lawyer, and I don't even want to get a public defender because I don't feel like taking this to trial and having a chance of getting found guilty, because once I'm found guilty, I lose my license for atleast 6 months, but I could still get a conditional discharge (explained at the end.) I'm first going to: A, beg prosecutor to let me off easy and tell him I'm not a fuck-up, I go to college full time, have a job, work myself through college and can't afford the fines, and that this was just a one time thing (sure...), or if A fails: B, go into the Pre-Trial Intervention bullshit which I have to pay ~1000 and go on probation for a year. Well, I'm off to get cleaned up and ready for this court jawn. Wish me luck, blades; I'll need it...
  10. i would have to know more about how your charges went down to know how much what the cop did will play into the case, but imo if the situations are right and this cop lost his badge I personally would think it would be better to invest the grand in a attorney than paying it to a court
  11. You need to ask an attorney questions like this, not random stoners on the Internet, but yes they can still have him testify as a witness. Him not having a badge isn't germane to the offense. A good lawyer might be able to make something out of it by discrediting him though.

    EDIT: Oh and not having at least a public defender is a bad, bad move. As the saying goes, the person who represents himself has a fool for a client. The PD can negotiate a plea with the DA.
  12. Well, blades, I decided to just say fuck it and go with the conditional discharge since I really didn't think I had a chance of getting out not guilty. I've got 6 months probation and ~800 to pay. Plus, my record will be expunged as long as I don't fail the 2 drug tests or violate probation. I really couldn't take the chance at losing my license for 6+ months.
  13. Well, you can google free legal advice and find some online help from a lawyer.
  14. Damn. Seems like a pretty wild story.
  15. who cares about your insignificant possession charge. a man was killed.
  16. Sucks for him, but it's of course going to get covered up like shit always happens. It happened in the projects so no one will do anything about it.

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