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I can't decide... Custom Ashcatcher

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SethSil, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I got a new 20" glass art piece... The aesthetic quality is important, but so is the filtration ('hit')-SEE pics.

    For it, I'm getting a custom ashctcher built w/ downstem (not the type w/ the carb), and this small decision is killing me:

    should I get it w/ 12mm joint size so it fits my bowl (which would match the piece perfectly, though it has a small rubber o-ring), or get a 14.5mm 'ground glass' downstem-- which I suppose will fit my bowl with a bigger gromit. Essentially, while the 12mm one will seem more integrated, the 14.5mm will support glass-on-glass, and has an extra 2.5mm and is the standard size roor invented.

    so, should I stick with the 12mm (which is my gut instinct), or go with the 14.5mm and maybe get a custom bowl, that won't be as perfect as mine, but will make it glass-on-glass.

    For example, since Roor is very popular, an analogous and more accessible question would be this:
    is there a big difference between the filtration on an 18.8 or a 14.5 ground joint w/ downstem? Does it account for significantly more smoke-water contact?

    the extra 2.5mm stem affect the quality of the hit, even the downstem to my base is still 12mm?
    the versatility of a glass-on-glass bowl vs the extra downstem? my 12mm slide is basically irreplaceable. I have an active social life, and would like to bring it around in my case at times. How would you treat an irreplaceable bowl with regard to 5 drunk people taking turns?

    The aesthetic problem with a rubber gromit (o ring) to account for the extra 2.5mm on my stem, if I chose to use it on the 14.5 mm joint.

    Essentially, is it worth springing for a custom glass-on-glass (I've never used glass-on glass) bowl to go with the 14.5 downstem... which though, matching, would not be as nice as my original 12mm?

    Diffuser on the catcher: any real difference?
  2. definately go with the glass ground 14.5 joint. It'll seal much tighter and give you a fatter rip. I just learned a little secret... try putting uncooked white rice instead of water... you'll be amazed.
  3. For real? Tell us more about this....

  4. Yeah this is gonna be interesting :p
  5. Basically, the idea has already been around, and put to use. ROOR germany has special slides that are designed to hold "activated-charcole". You can find this charcole at any fish store, they are used in filtering the air in a tank. Similar idea...Rice is a neutral substance that won't give off any harmful particles when smoke goes through it in its uncooked form. The idea is that the rice grains are small enough to make a mesh of tiny passage ways for the smoke to go through, and it actually does filter it pretty well. It's a pretty new concept to me too, but if you have an ash catcher it is worth a try. Just fill it up like you normally would with dry white rice, make sure the catcher is completely dry of any moisture as well. Take a rip, see for yourself.

    I'm on my 3rd session, smoothest milky bong tokes I've taken in a WHILE. No respitory issues yet :p
  6. ^^Wow! Rep + for some stoner innovation!! If i ever get an ashcatcher i'll try that one out!
  7. yeah that sounds like a good idea.
    im gonna try it tonight with my blue label roor...yes yes it is small, but damn it rips sooooo hard.
    ill post later about the taste and how high i get and the whole get down.
  8. Has anybody tried the rice yet? I'm still totally feeling it. :smoking: Also, has anybody gotten in contact of the people who run this forum and website? I really want to pick up some magic glass filter pieces, but I don't want no stinkin' male end where the bowl goes... forcing me to find a bowl that has a female on it. Here's a photochopped version of what I'm talkin about... pretty much eliminates the need for a bulky, oversized ashcatcher. Instead of having the 1/2 sphere with poked holes fitted INSIDE the bowl like it is advertised, my downstem on my current piece has a bubble blown between the interior (female joint) and exterior (male joint) which seals on the tube. You could pull that with the bowl still attached and clear the tube through water solely. It'd make for a real fast rip :D .

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  9. can someone confirm/test the rice thing? im slightly interested.... but at the risk of looking like a moron and putting RICE in an ashcatcher.... id rather not be the first to try.... haha :D
  10. Pretty interesting, do you put rice in just the ash catcher or just the base? Or both?
  11. I like to have 2 filtering chambers, one of dry rice (ashcatcher mostly) and water in the regular tube chamber. The rice provides better filtering, but doesn't cool the smoke, while the water does the opposite, unless you have a multi-percing piece. It's nice to pull the whole catcher to clear it, gets the smoke swirling in your lungs :smoking:

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