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I cant Breathe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Guest, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Okay, So I have been a token now for a couple of years. Daily for ~2+years.  I don't know what is worse, my back pain, neck pain or not being able to breathe! My problem; Is more towards the morning, or middle of the night, I will wake up and barley be able get a a breathe in or out! I've been having a stuffy nose a lot. I am coughing up "mucus"? Not really black resiny but more just mucus. I'm presuming this is related to marijuana as I can't see any other factors that would contribute to this. I do NOT smoke tobacco. I am not sick right now... This is how I always am. Just recently it's been more of a problem waking me up from my sleep, including a slightly anxiety-like affect…. I mean wouldn't you be tripping if you woke, couldn't breathe and didn't know why. Or I will just keep coughing up, which does hurt my throat a bit but makes me feel like throwing up too sometimes. During the day I am usually alright.
    Some more background information, I have access to a bong, papers, vaporizer, edibles. The bong conserves most but I find it makes the problem worse, followed by joints. Vaporizer doesn't always quite do the job (medicinally). It's hard to medicate throughout the day using edibles vs I'll just tape a bag. I might just have to switch strictly to vaping for now? Still if anyone else has any info or maybe you went through something similar?
    ..I'm have not ruled out IBS/GERD type problems…do I have that, I don't know 100%, but the more I consider it, the more I think maybe I might. Then again the internet can make you think you have so many diseases the way they write out the symptoms etc.

  2. i know how u feel man idk whats causing it for u though i smoke weed and cigs and just had bronchitis my lungs hurt

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    Mega darn hope you feel better soon! That's the thing, I do not even smoke cigarettes! Of course I will soon be getting a professional opinion, but I still like to hear from you guys!
    ….I just realized this was moved from the Seasoned Tokers to apprentice tokens… Can someone explain why this does not belong in Seasoned Tokers??????  :mad:
  4. maybe youre...sick?
  5. You could have sleep apnea, which I'm sure smoking can't help.  
  6. sounds like it could be sleep apnea or COPD.  You need to get yourself checked out by a doctor to find out for sure.  Isnt something you want to be messing with if it is one of those 2.   Go to sleep one night and not wake up wouldn't be fun so go get yourself checked out by a doctor.  If not for yourself then for the ones who love you.
  7. maybe you have a sinus infection
  8. Maybe you should go to the doctor's instead of posting on a internet forum..... Best of luck to you
  9. Could also be a problem with your actual bed, Dust, mold and other allergens could be causing the same effects.
  10. You need to see a doctor! I don't want to freak you out, but what you're desciribing sound like sleep apnea or CHF (congestive heart failure). Both these conditions are highly treatable, easy to diagnose, but can cause you some serious problems down the road if left untreated. Be sure to tell your doc you smoke before you go to bed. I don't actually think the smoking is related to your problem, but the weed could be making an exisitng problem worse.
  11. weed is probably giving you a very stuffy nose and you sleep with your mouth closed
  12. Sometimes when I over do it, I can feel stuffed up in the morning.

    Like previous commenters mention, check for dust and mold in your bedroom.
  13. On the 12-10-2012 episode of the Robert Scott Bell show, ( at the 1hr. 6min. 45sec. mark Dr. Buttar ( answered a question about COPD.  He recounted the case of a man who was "a train wreck" when he first became a patient of Dr. Buttar.  The gentleman's medical history included diabetes, cancer, bronchitis, and most recently end stage emphysema.  After 6 months of treatment he no longer needed to be on oxygen or use inhalers.  3 months later he came down with pneumonia and when he went to the ER they did a pulmonary function test.  It was 50% better than it was a year ago.  The admitting physician could not believe it, so they re-ran the pulmonary function test to confirm the results.  Most doctors simply do not know that COPD is reversible.
    \nBasically the treatment involves injecting a solution to relax the muscle that acts as a hinge to allow the diaphragm to close when exhaling.  Results are felt within a minute or two.  Dr. Buttar learned how to do the Infraspinatus Respiratory Reflex (IRR) injection procedure in the late 1990's, and that procedure is published.  However, only about 100 doctors are aware of it (he trained 65 of them).  Some background on this technique can be found at
    \nOn the 7-30-2012 episode of the show ( at the 52:30 mark, Robert mentions a medical study that suggested COPD patients receive preventative treatments of antibiotics three times per week.  He explained how that would promote antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and instead recommended nebulizing and inhaling silver hydrosol, commonly referred to as colloidal silver; the recommended brand is Sovereign Silver (  The silver will not only be astringent to any bacteria in the lungs, but will also stimulate tissue regeneration.  Several other herbal and homeopathic remedies were recommended as well, including sipping on a large glass of water with a dropper full of lobelia tincture each morning; that will also help recovery of lung tissue.  King Bio's Lungs & Bronchial Relief homeopathic formula ( or has much of the ingredients that Robert mentioned.  Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas are also highly regarded by customers <a>( </a> Another useful product would be EnerHealth's Lung Renewal (; it contains lobelia and other botanical ingredients. Since these products promote detoxification, start slowly and take an hour or two away from any medications to avoid any possible interactions.
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