I can't believe my mother...

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  1. Im at work today, and i get a call from her. Bitching too no ends how she found my bee wax (concentrate), except she had no idea what it was. Now my mom doesn't really approve of me smoking, but its kind of at the same time that if she don't know it won't her. I told her on the phone that it was very expensive and don't touch cuz it was half my friends ( a lie). I get home and she has a drug test, with about 75% of my damn wax in piss and she's yelling at me because it wasn't coming up positive for THC. I went off at her, and told her that if she ever took a chemistry class she would understand that you have to activate the THC, have it break down into whatever exactly the chemical composition is in for the drug tests. She wasted my waxs which is very rare for me to get , and which i actually was planning on saving...... FUCK I'm issued :mad:
  2. im pissed*
  3. her house bro
  4. Charge that bitch.
  5. I don't care if its her house still blows :( thats what she keeps telling me lol..
  6. [​IMG]
    "Hate you guys"
  7. lol your mom is retarded.. I would be pissed too! I live with my dad still but if he did something like that I would be pissed just as much as you.
  8. I'd be issued too.
  9. you got issues

  10. Aww. Poor, poor child.

    Knew his momma didn't want drugs in the house, then bitches when she finds those drugs and trashes them.
  11. jack off on her pillow.
  12. dude u will get over it, it isn't really a big deal. When i used to live at home, my parents (during my entire stay) threw out thousands of dollars of weed. Sucks, but at the same time, not only is it illegal but it is there house. Besides moving out, I would just keep your toking on the down low.
  13. Hide your stuff better
  14. she is invited over to my house. i will distract her.
  15. haha, im not that mad but still. Its just i smoke in my room like everyday and have a giant bong and tape. And she never seems to ever bitch until i get something cool. ( like this ear wax time, the time i got my first bong of gc, the time i got a gram of keif) just like when ever i have some extra luck with marijuana related activities, my karma always bites my ass in the end
  16. who's urine was the wax in? :confused_2:
  17. Good point. Did she think there had to be piss in there to be positive, so she ....... :smoke:
  18. My mom did something similer to what yours did. But luckly she had enough respect for me to pay me back.
  19. Oh lordy. lordy have your mom call me. If she's not in the too-unerd club.

  20. I saw that on tube8.com

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