i cant beleive it!!

Discussion in 'General' started by patchoulie420, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. well this takes the cake !!! on sat , we wre watching weezer in concert on mtv , and geuss what happend the song hash pipe came on and to my surprise they bleeped out the words hash pipe can you beleive it???? of all the shit they bombard us w/ in every drection ,expecialy sexualy excplisit materials ! & not to forget violance & laguage, they fucking have to bleep hash pipe come on now!!!! i would like to hear every ones response to this , personaly i think it is a pile of shit !!!!! if my children have to be exposed to anything anything on tv i prefer it be peace full hippys toakin away and loving life ,as oposed to the rest of the bull shit! the man feels we need to be subject to . can i have an amen my brothers & sissters !!!!! all together now aaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!
  2. those little "buying drugs supports terrorism" things on tv piss me off too. if i would not be criminaly punished for growing my OWN pot, then i wouldn't (supposedly!!!) be "supporting" terrorism.

    i would also MUCH rather hear about people toking up than someone screwing a different person every hour.
  3. I have noticed that alot too.... certain words or phrases being cut out of songs because THEY presume that WE need protection from the messages.....the "hash pipe" bleep is just the lastest in a growing number of songs that have been "edited" for our "protection"... what a load of BS.

    Weezer ROCKS!! We went up to the concert in Detroit last year, and had the time of our lives. It was very interesting to see people in the crowd passing around a J. I think every MF on the floor took a hit off on of the J's... lol....
    Everyone was soo stoned there that when Weezer finally took the stage, there was no RUSH toward the stage, no pushing and jockeying for a better position... it was VERY VERY cool!
  4. rushing stages sux. i was at warped last year and when rancid took the stage everyone rushed. i couldn't move and barely breathe. then to top it off, some girl crowd surfed right on top of me and i thought i was gonna die.

    i'm trying to get to a weezer concert. was too late to get tix last time...but next time...they WILl be mine!!! brewhahahaha
  5. It's a load of shit, Patch! Free speech, MY ASS!!! We are moving in the direction of fascism and quite honestly, I'm ready and willing to be part of a revolution if it comes to that. And it very well may come to that if people wake up and see reality for what it is.

    Hash pipe!!!! That's just nuts! They'll let it play on the radio here and our stations are pretty uptight about that kind of stuff.

    And I don't have children but if I did, I would much rather my child come home talking about a hash pipe then some of the crap they're subject to.


  6. They really do put on a great show.... play nearly every song they have ever done.... and will most likely save HashPipe to the last... because it is the best known song.

    Good luck with the ticket hunt... they are going to be here in the next couple of weeks, but the concert is going to be in a facist county, so I am not going to be there... too many cops looking for POT smokers... grrrrrr, pigs ruin all the good concerts around here!
  7. i did see weezer live at the z 104.5 birthday bash in clairmore ok at the will rogers downs on mothers day last year 20,000 people a small city , i was in good veiwing distance ,( i was getting ready to rush the stage cause the cult was comming on ) im 5,ft, 1 and was 37 then , got to the front row whahoooo!!!!! got lots of good pics , but during the developing prosses some ass whole stole them !!!! all i have now is the memmories!!!! i so loved it when every one sang the sweater song , what a voice we had , and we did sing hash pipe as loud as we could great show!!!! have a good one !!!!!

    hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe hash pipe !!!!!

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