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I can not get stoned PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Angus.P420, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Ok so I have been smoking weed everyday for about a year now. It seems like I can't get high, I get a slight head high an that's it just enough to keep me calm and allow me to sleep. I only smoke poppers, for those who don't know a popper is tobacco an weed in a bowl and you burn it all in one hit. It seems like the only thing that does anything at all, if I put my weed in a joint or a vap I just feel like I'm wasting it. I would like to be able to get as high as I used to when I first started but find it extremely hard to quit. I'm considering trying to take a t-break and would appreciate any tips on things I could do to keep my mind off it. I wanna be able to enjoy my kush but I may as well be smoking m39.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I posted this in another thread:


    I would recommend reading the entire article if you are really serious about lowering your tolerance. It is long, but very informative.

  3. First, stop doing poppers. Second, start smoking more than one hit at a time.

    How much do you smoke in a sitting and not get high?
  4. Come back in two years and we can answer that for you
  5. better weed/contrentrates is what you need. I smoke the best buds and oils of boulder colorado and can get ABSOLUTELY lit to the point im too high with the shit i smoke. If that isnt a option take a break. im the same way tho, smoked 3 years of fire straight no breaks around 2-3gs of nug a day and dabs. The first smoke of the day will ALWAYS be the most powerful and after that you usually wont get any euphoria after the first high, get used to it. otherwise quit for a few weeks then only blaze a few times a week, youll get LIT. But if that all fails and you cant get better nug then key is moderation. so important, moderation that is. 
  6. and the poppers.... get off that shit kid unless you love tobacco, that "high" tobacco headrush your getting? soon be gone followed by addiction. be smart kiddo.
  7. I smoke pretty much all day, multiple poppers.

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  8. the headrush is gone man an am addicted, trust me I'm more experienced then most kids my age, most of them smoke to be cool, I smoke it so I can eat an sleep.

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  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
    </blockquote> what about it?

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  11. I agree don't do those poppers anymore. And try and get better quality weed and pack a bowl tighter. Also to get your mind off smoking get a hobby. Go out with friends (who don't burn) lol

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  12. Smoking poppers will only work against you if your goal is to eat and sleep!

    Tobacco curbs your appetite and stimulates your central nervous system. Making it harder to sleep and eat.

    Stop the tobacco NOW, I started at 15 and I wish I could stop so bad now.

  13. I got quality stuff ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1385776798.895492.jpg

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  14. Yea man and honesty that's where it's time to take a break. I know it fucking SUCKS but after the first 3 days you'll be like weed? Wtf is weed? Maybe not
    But it's not nearly as bad as you think haha just get thru the first shitty days of no sleep and eating haha atleast for me. And I'm a similar age homie only
    At 19. But for real it's not fun having that killer tolerance and only getting a 15 min hungry/sleepy buzz. We've Been there. Not worth it. If you weren't ~= 18 if say grow your own fire n make some nug run and you'd be set but
    Because of your situation just go with a little more moderation and space out the highs. It will be better. Garenteed. Like just try night time blazing. Take all the weed you woulda smoked during the day and make It a 3 gram fatttt bong sesh just for the night. You'll be higher than a kite. Hmu in private messages for for info haha

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    The forum rules state that this is a community available to people over the age of 18. Come back when you're a bit older and we'll be more than happy to have you here, until then however, my advice to you is to just take a bit of a t-break for maybe three weeks tops. I'd say by then you should be able to get high with ease and will be able to actually feel like you're high for a solid period of time. After smoking for a year, everyday throughout, you're most definitely going to get a tolerance to cannabis. 
  16. That is quality but I see a lot better on the daily. Trust me if you have the danks no matter your tolerance you will get high. And for 1+ hours. Atleast I do and I haven't stopped smoking 5-6 times daily atleast of the best in CO for 3 years now and 2 years of Wisconsin dank before that. The tobacco is what really fucked you. All my homie who did poppers (more than the majority of them) never smoke cigs. Now they take bong rips and smoke around a pack a day no joke. I'm really happy to be the one that never joined on that game. Just smoked more nug. Haha I've even had times where I had a pure green j and my popper buddies turn it down cause its not a spliff! Like WHAT THE FUCK?' Haha do you like the weed or baccy more you fiend id always ask them.

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  17. I like weed more then the tobacco but I just need poppers it seems. Lol your buddy's sound like me, I usually turn down joints just cause I feel it don't do anything. What kinda dank u got if u don't mind, u hear of anything like sensi star, nebula, headbanger kush, and of course the typical ogs and purps

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  18. Wtf is a popper

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