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  1. Old Billy Swan song. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I love helping people who are interested in music because I love all types of it so much. I am an expert in the electronics field and can help in a lot of ways to save money on home equipment. I personally have 3 sound systems in my small home. My main system is 7 speaker cabinets, 25 speakers, powered by 800 watts continouos on bi-amp in full digital sound. I especially love those concerts on DVD. I have several and plan to buy lots more. I know websites where the best bargains are, and can help consult anyone who is looking to upgrade their home systems. All speaker cabinets in my home were built by a long time friend and they far surpass most commercial systems. I don't mean to advertise here, and you may take this off if you feel that is the necessary thing to do. However, anyone who reads this may feel free to e-mail me if they need any assistance in the home sound business. I don't do anything in the automotive side. I'm just trying to help fellow music lovers out. Great site is www.allmusic.com. This site has just about any musician that ever recorded any music on it. You could be there for days. Happy listening!!!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG] Music is always such a welcome gift..:hello:..THANKS patriot :smoking:
  3. Woohoo! Thanks patriot! Sounds like whatever you're listening to in your neck of the woods, you like it LOUD !! ;)
    (And I bet your sound's clearer than concerts themselves)
    What kind of music do you prefer, just curious? :)
  4. Mostly 70's and 80's rock and roll. DVD's I own include Allman Bros; John Fogerty, Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley, The Eagles, The Kinks, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Ringo Starr, Elvis Presley, Joe Satriani, Moody Blues, and several others. My CD collection extends from some country to blues and even some mellow stuff. I am a true audiophile. I would rather listen to music than do almost anything. I said almost! And you are right, LOUD and CLEAR is the way to go. I've had my ears ringing several times after playing one of those concerts. By the way, there's nothing in the world like DTS. My main system makes most homeboys with those thump boxes sound like amateurs. It has a total of 12 6.5" woofers and puts out deep bass from 12 different points of my living room. I am very lucky to have such a friend who builds such quality sound. Let me know if I can help anyone out. I know all the people on this site are better than most!!
  5. Gosh, I am sure you & my uncle would get along veeery well! He also explains me about details I hardly understand. & of course he also luvs music (I do as well).

    It's nice to see ppl who have a passion for music! :)
  6. Me!!!!!! We are about ready to wire the house and get us a system. I would LOVE your help!!!!!!!! I would love to surprise the hubby with it!!!!!

    What I would like to do is start from scratch. We do the a bose system with 2 of those little speakers. I would like to get something with awesome sound that is affordable but has capability to expand into something great with time and $$$$'s.

    Thanks for the offer! I really appreciate it!

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