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  1. Those who know me know I usually cook nice meals from scratch and eschew fast food other than a Junior Bacon at Wendy's once in awhile...well I have a secret weakness that once in a rare while rears its ugly head...

    White Castle Cheeseburgers for the win!


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  2. Looks like feces before it even goes in - no thanks :)
    To each his own i guess
  3. I honestly don't know what it is. It's an illness. I cook gourmet class meals almost every day, yet once in awhile I get this really bizarre craving for crappy miniburgers. I have no clue why.
  4. It's 'cause you know they ain't pretty but they taste soooo good
  5. YES! I like to consider myself a pretty good cook. I am a master with italian food. But every once in a while I just settle for some fast food. There's a White Castle 5 minutes from my house, there is NOTHING BETTER when you want fast food.

    They are just so juicy and amazing and the onions literally explode like flavor crystals in yo mouf! Hahaha Harold and Kumar what whaaaaaaaaaat

  6. Prolly because they are the best mini burgers EVER!
  7. I thought the In-N-Out burgers looked bad but these things look even worse, lol. In-N-Out ftw!
  8. Good enough for harold and kumar..good enough for me
  9. Ill admit, I get cravings for burger kings chicken sammiches from time to time, and always makes me sad when I do because I know ill never have one again :(
    Or a Frisco Melt, cheese fries, and chocolate shake from Steak N Shake.
  10. Are those the frozen ones you get in the market? I've never had a White Castle Burger :eek:

    The wierdest thing, I had a dream the other night about someone taking me to an actual White Castle restaurant... Maybe it was Kumar....
  11. You are one lucky man. I haven't had a white castle burger for 6 or 7 years and get cravings for them like mad every once in awhile. The closest thing I can get are the frozen ones you get at the grocery store but they just aren't REAL sliders, can't even compare, ya know?

    Gotta plan a trip to Chicago again...

  12. Man I feel you there it has been a good 5-6 years since i had some non frozen white castle. Sometimes I am tempted to drive the 3 hours just to get some.
  13. That does look disgusting, but I'm sure it's pretty damn tasty.
  14. I wanna try the new BK mini burgers
  15. White Castle is nasty shit. I swear, if there hadn't been a stoner movie made with the name of that franchise in the title, they wouldn't be as popular.

    Krystal's was always a lot better to me.
  16. Oh get the fuck outta here man. White Castle for some reason is extremely delicious. There is nothing I can remember that was better then 3am FUCKED UP trips to White Castle. Its too much fun, and everyone there is stoned or wasted.

    Not to mention.. umm.. the burgers?!
  17. Anyone who could eat and enjoy White Castle.... could probably enjoy a steamy, turd sandwich.
  18. Krystals > White Castle.

    Not only can you get mini burgers which taste alot more fresher and not as greasy as the White Castle's but you can also get mini chili cheese dogs. Man, I wish we had a Krystals around here.
  19. Me too. Oh yeah their MILKQUAKES are the bomb too! I prefer them over a frosty, or any other fast food shake.

    We have some in the DFW area... but I can't justify driving way across the metro-plex to eat there.
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    Yeah, last time ate at one it was in San Antonio, TX... The closest one to me is an hour and some change drive away (89 miles).

    And their milkquakes are good, plus they have those awesome frozen coke icees. Which are awesome.

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