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I broke the bowl on my bong and now Im sad. Weed/ five O stories

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I am really high, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. So the other night I took my bong to my friends house to smoke a little Oregon bud, everything was great I was higher then a kite then right when I'm walking to my car with my bong to leave I see a cop so I had to hide my bong in the wheel well of my jeep, when the cop was gone I went to grab and the bowl fell out and broke. So now I'm going ghetto with a home made pipe till I can get a new bowl. I want others to share their stories of almost getting caught by cops or getting caught by cops good or bad, or even random weed stories in general but I more interested in people's sketchy moments when high running into the popo
  2. There's a park near me with a dirt parking lot, after the dirt there's a hill then leads onto a field so I decided to drive up onto the grass and park at the top. After 2-3 hours it's pretty much empty and my friend notices a vehicle drive onto the carpark, when I looked over all I seen was the lights on the top and police patterns on the side. I instantly threw it into reverse and hoped they'd see I was going to move and let me go, they park behind me and came to my car. When I opened the window a huge cloud of smoke escaped the car, the man was wearing a black vest indentical to police, he proceeded to say "you can't park here, it's time to go" etc, the dude was pretty chilled and let us leave.
    On the way out I was buzzing, saying how I can't believe the police just let us off and then my friend told me it was just the park security and they were locking the gates to the carpark.
  3. Haha always remember security guards aren't cops so you don't have listen and you can run awake :)
  4. Smoked a blunt while posting up on the hood of a cop car and chatting with the Sgt whose car it was about whether he should send his kids to Boston Latin School or Latin Academy... can you imagine that people ask why I love Boston?
    I told him BLS cause its my alma mater. 
  5. That's awesome haha
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    what size slide does your bong have?
    my friend recently broke my bowl trying to clean it and he went a grabbed
    a chillum for like $15 (there's not any good headshops around me.) and I'm using that as a bowl until I can afford a better one. fits my 18mm pretty well.
  7. Speaking of security, I live in Philly, pretty close to UPenn and a lot of the big colleges if anyone is familiar with the area. One time, around  night (like 10PM), we were smoking in my car on or around campus and we saw a bike public safety saw us hotboxing our car. They went to the payphone and assuming, called the cops and tried to be slick about it. It's ironic because I worked as a security guard before and know they really can't **** with you at all.
    On topic, my first encounter with the cop a while back went fine, surprisingly. Didn't really panic or anything. My friend was dropping me off at the corner of my house in her car. We bought like a gram earlier and smoked the majority of it. Right when I got out, we were looking for the sack cause it fell somewhere on the car floor. Needless to say, a cop pulled up and was like what you guys doing here, told him I lived here, he asked what we were doing right now, I said we were looking for something we dropped on the floor, cop was like oh, let me help, pulls out a motherfucking flash light and started searching the whole car. We were like wtf, he eventually stopped and went back to his car and left.
    I don't think the gram was ever found to this day though.
  8. I remember when I turned 18, was going out to eat with some friends and go get some new clothes and what not, well we were smoking a bowl on the way, and I dropped the half ounce in the center console from the ceiling, and I hear sirens and I see blues. I automatically think it was my fault and start freaking out because I was on conditional release from a fight I had gotten into with my older brother. All four of us were stoned as hell and we had dropped the bowl on the floor of the car  and kicked it into an empty cup which the cop never found, never said anything about smell or anything. Got away clean. Don't know how.
  9. Isnt there already a thread for this?

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