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I Broke A Bong, How Much Should I Pay (Details Inside)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ethaner63, May 27, 2013.

  1. I broke my friends K-nine today. I didn't drop it or anything it just bumped my stash jar while I was loading a bowl and the bottom blew out. It was a year old and originally cost 280$ dollars. I am prepared to pay the full amount but I wanted to see opinions about how much I should be paying for this. 280 is a month of rent for me, and I feel like a year of use had to degrade the value somehow. Let me know what you think!

  2. shouldnt break a borrowed bong. bad karma.
  3. Pay in full the original price, And I would smoke your buddy out a bowl or two for leaving him without said bong for a while..
    In my opinion the pipe will only gain value over time, sentimental value, but value nonetheless.
    Good Luck, and Stay Lifted  :bongin:
  4. I did not borrow the bong, we were just smoking and I loaded a bowl. I'll pay back the full price then
  5. I would say full price you are at fault but if it is a bit hard on your finances just pay it over a month or two and explain to your friend why. Any decent friend should understand that especially if you are offering full compensation. 
  6. in my circle of mates if something like that happened we would just let it go. but then again, we dont drop 280 on a billy.
  7. Yeah, bongs aren't really something that diminish in value. A bong is a bong, it's not it gets "wear and tear" like anything else. At the end of the day it works just the same as when you got it. I'd say offer him 200 and see if he takes it. It sounds like an accident though...
  8. Even if it did diminish in value it would only be fair to give him enough money to get a replacement. Sorry about your luck that's pretty shitty :(
  9. If you were my friend and came to smoke with me ,Hey ho shit happens my friend its only glass .
    :bongin:  you sir would be on blunt detail for a while :smoking:
    I couldnt charge you to replace it .if you can afford to no probs but as a friend i couldnt take ya rent money .
    cash is cheap friends aint . smoke im out .
  10. if it was my bong i was said shit happens and be bummed but shit does happen.  but knowing my friends they would buy me a new bong.
    personally, i wouldn't pay him $280 but instead opt to replace the bong of my choice.  if you go this route do not skimp on the purchase and get him something nice. 
  11. It's not a car.... it's a bong...there is no diminished value. You break it you buy it plain and simple.  Or suggest to take him to the store and let him pick out a new one. Accidents happens that's fine, but wouldn't you like to be paid back if someone broke your bong?  :bongin:
  12. Thats my worst nightmare haha im always super careful around expensive bongs
  13. Could you get it fixed for cheaper?
  14. If someone broke my bong, there would be a small amount of grief tbh, especially if it's a year old. That sounds ridiculous but I really do get attached to my pieces (like other valuables ex: car). I wouldn't make my buddy pay $280 for it, but there is definitely a debt that needs to be owed back in my opinion, whether it's through a new piece or through a good while of being smoked out.
  15. Glass is glass, it's eventually going to break. I've broken friends bongs and bowls, it wasn't that big of a deal. Me and my friends have never charged each-other full price for what we've broken. Shit happens. 
  16. My buddy broke the perk in my $150 dollar bong, next day he took me shopping and replaced it. I gave him the broken bong since it still worked kinda
  17. Just read Amanda Bynes broke hers too.... By throwing it off the 36th floor of a high rise. Who does that shit, she needs to be locked up for bong abuse.

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  18. a lot of headshops can fix glass. if i read this properly you said only the base broke? like the extra glass ment to make it stand up? just take it to a headshop and you pay for the cost to get it fixed. that and a 8th would be fair imo

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