I bought me a new computer

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GGrass, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I just bought me a new set of computer and it's SUPER FAST. And I'm loving it!

    Usually the coffee is ready before my computer is.

    But this morning, I'm already in GC making a new thread, and the water hasn't even boiled yet.

    That's amazing improvement.

    From having to wait more than 10 minutes for the window to pop up, and another 5 minutes for it to do load the explorer, and extra 2 minutes for the GC to appear.

    Now it's 'Press the ON/OFF button', and everything is ready within one minute.

    Technology rocks.


    PS : Acer, Intel core i5. 950 bucks, including 20 inch LED monitor, Upgraded speakers with subwoofer, UPS backup power, and mouse and keyboards and stuff. To install the windows and basic programs, they charge you extra 10 bucks.
  2. A new computer is always nice. It will probably pay itself off with the extra time you wont have to spend waiting :D.
  3. congrats my friend, I recently made the move to smart phones. Wouldn't change my decision.
  4. Thanks.

    Smart phones are nice. BB and Iphones and what not.

    What did you get? I mean your smart phone...
  5. It already has!

    It's amazingly fast...

    My old computer is like... 5 years old... and it hangs itself every hour.

    I kept losing my mind because the computer hangs so often... get pissed off and shit...

    So I bought a new computer, and now it runs the whole day without hanging once.

    Words can't explain the joy and the relief I found.

  6. I use to have a Dell inspiron when they first came out, and i am a huge WoW head and i maybe got 7-10 FPS while everyone else was getting damn near close to 60. This year i finally got my new laptop, and i LOVE it it's an Asus g60jx it's super fast i get 50 FPS high performance i got the new processor and everything it's a widescreen 17''. Base score for everything is:

    Processor : 6.9
    Ram: 6.0
    graphics: 7.0
    gaming graphics : 7.0
    Hard disk transfer rate : 6.0
    Max you can get is a 7.9 so I think it's pretty good for the most part.
    It also has the back lit keyboard (Full with keypad) High def LCD screen. it's beautiful.

  7. my touch 3g slide, its very user friendly for 1st time smart phone buyers.
  8. I've been through the Droid Droid eris droid incredible Evo 4g for a little while Now I have the Samsung galaxy vibrant, i love it the most out of all my phones. :)
  9. I like the 'back lit keyboard' function... must look quite pretty in the dark.. especially when you're stoned...
  10. Lol hell yeah, the backlit keyboard is the shit, i love it. :)
  11. 3G is so good.

    We don't have 3G in Thailand yet, coz they're still arguing over the rights to make money off of it.

    But we'll have it sooner or later, and when we do, I will surely start using a smart phone...

    Now I use GPRS (Gamma Pack RADIO Signals) to access the internet from my mobile phone... think about it, it's RADIO signals... how outdated is that?

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