I Bought An Airplane, Got My Life Back On Track

Discussion in 'General' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. sike just making fun of FTB, because... why not.

    Tonight (it's actually 2:45 AM) I plan to go an a quest of great self-introspection and amazing discoveries. I've got two grams of nice shrooms that I'm about to chop up and munch down.

    I've always wanted to this, as this trip will allow me to see the sunrise and ensures one of the greatest levels of seclusion, late at night, by myself at my apartment.

    Wish me luck, blades! I'll keep you all updated.
  2. Good luck man.
  3. sounds fun man..
  4. After meditating for about ten minutes to the relaxing scent of salvia leaves, I blessed the mushrooms with the earthy smoke, grinded them up and drank them down at once with orange juice. I feel enlightened already thanks to the meditation and salvia (the leaves make a great incense if you've never tried it) and I'm really looking forward to this.
  5. have a good 1
  6. Have a great time man. I have to try the salvia leaves for incense sometime....
  7. Have a good time man, remember the world we see has a great gap in the reality that sits askew with our own. We need only open our minds to the wonders this relm holds, and be prepared to use the knowledge gained for the betterment of our selves and others.

    I wrote that while I was tripping
  8. So a Buddhist monk walks up to a hot dog street vendor, and says I'd like 3 hot dogs please.
    If you can figure this out then you have reached understanding.

    I sure as fuck don't know what it means.
  9. oh my God it's so far from over.

    this website looks so fucking weird.

    I typed up a shitload of random shit on my xanga, so you guys can read that if you want to.
  10. my computer is too slow and my brain is too trippin.
  11. have fun with that shit, haven't had the chance to do any psychedelics lately. Have fun with that stuff, read a little on your xanga, made me chuckle, took me back to my trip in a way :)
  12. with that title i thought FTB came back with a whole new book.

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