i blew it...

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. i dont totally know what i did, and im not even sure if everything is ruined or not... but im pretty sure its over.

    fuck i hate myself...
  2. heres a lil song to go with it

    You lift me up so high
    You bring me to my knees
    You make me feel so warm
    But you make my heart deep freeze
    I don't know when it turned
    I don't know where I went
    But I know all is lost
    Time should of been better spent

    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Chain me too the wall
    Tape my mouth so I make no sound
    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Take my heart away from me
    And stomp it to the ground

    These days they came so fast
    But how quick they've gone away
    Ive been taken hostage
    And I haven't slept in days
    Ive bled all I can
    Until my veins can bleed no more
    Ive sworn and ive broken
    But it just makes me grow sore, so

    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Say what I want to here
    Ill play your little game
    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Gag me and cuff my hands
    Ill never feel true love again

    Now that I realize
    What I have lost was so dear to me
    Why do I feel locked down
    Though im finally free
    Where did it go wrong
    Whyd it have to go this way
    Is it too late for us
    Its it too late for me to say

    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Tell you I love you still
    But you just turn away
    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Is what I feel for you
    Blinded by the light of day

    This is all I know
    This is all im living for
    In a scarlet pool of tears
    I lay upon the floor
    Ravaged by my thoughts
    And raped by whats not seen
    Do I have any hope
    Or is this life the end of me

    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Spit into my face
    And kick me when im down
    Cut me open, and
    Tie me down
    Ive seen the end of time
    The apocalypse is now… and im sorry.

    sorry if i seem a bit depressed for the next few days... ill try not to bring you guys down.
  3. What's this all about?
  4. love is a many colored creature...

    it laches onto us ...

    and sucks us dry

    it teaches us

    humiliation and pain
  5. i feel for you man, really i do......
  6. sending out happy mending heart vibes to yea babe!
  7. No, no, no!!! Positive seeds!!! Our Adam will not be unhappy!

    Dude, I'm sure it's not that bad. What happened? I bet you can fix it. UGH...I feel like I may have jinxed you in that one thread. If I did, I'm sorry.

    Talk to her and fix it, Adam! Seriously...don't let her go until you know for sure what's going on.
  8. dont fret rummy, i wont let her go, times might just get rocky for the next little bit... i talked to her for a while today, and think shes going to call me tonight. this weekened turned out VERY wierd... but ill fix everything. im sure i can.
  9. Those rocky times suck but if you make it through them then your relationship will be stronger. I have faith in you!!! I'll send some lucky ~karma~ and really good ~vibes~ your way and you just use your charm and all that other good stuff you have going on to keep your girl. :)
  10. Keep the faith Brother AdamBC. :D It will work out in the end. Karma is coming your way!
  11. umm.. i have no idea whats going on... how bout some enlightenment? well whatever it was, im sure you'll pull through just fine... so there.
  12. this has happened to me many times before...i always manage to fuck something up....

    Dont worry man...love always finds a way...if you are meant to be with her you will be...simple as that...

    Hope it works out... :)

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