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  1. my friend and i were blazing on a desolate gravel country road. When we were done we were driving home and we saw a sign with what looked like a llama. So we were like dead set on getting to see some fucking llamas! so i slew down and noticed there was some1 sitting on teh purch of the house that had the sign.

    We were like "fuck it" and went up her 1/8 mile driveway and asked if we would see the llamas. She said that they were alpacas and then allowed us to go see them.


    these things were so cool! they came right up to you and started checking u out, they licked my hands and they tried to sniff my "danger zone".

    The best part was that there was a baby alpaca and it looked just like Bambi without spots. I saw it and yelled BAMBI and it kinda got scared but it was cool. the little thing came up to me later. It walked jsut like bambi too, all crooked and limp.

    So yeah, next time you are high go look for a llama farm, bc it was the best thing i have ever done in my life ever.

    i have a few pics and vids ill show u later.
  2. I totally thought this would be a very different thread. that's fucking sick dude
  3. My girlfriends neighbor owns two llamas and built them a llama hut
    in the backyard and everything. They are pretty sick animals.
  4. Dude that sounds sick. I actually pass a lama farm every time I go up to my girlfriends moms house. I'm going up there on sunday when I get outta work so I am for sure gonna blaze like always on the way up and stop and this lama farm and check it out.
  5. i have a cat:smoke:
  6. i did that in kindergarden...when i saw there teeth i was like holy shit:) but yea there pretty cool
  7. I actually have done almost the exact same thing, several times in fact!
    I go to school in waterloo ontario and in the city's biggest park, which happens to be a 4 minute walk from my house, there is a small controlled zoo for most of the years. in my freshman year my don in res told us straight up not to blaze in res, and if we needed to, to probably leave campus completely. the one and only alternative he gave us was to probably head to this park (very close to school) and "check out the llamas".
    So there it was, the joke and ritual for almost the entire year. We'd go blaze and check out the llamas!
    We fed them leaves, and they sniffed us n shit too! its amazing, i highly recommend checking out some llamas while baked for yourself if you never have.

    I thought i was the only one :yay:
  8. I might have to go hit up the nearby petting zoo sometime soon.
  9. lmao that was funny as shit. so do i
  10. I've broken into an alpaca farm stoned. Not really "broke in" since there was no fence, but it was late and we weren't supposed to be there.
  11. nevrr done this, but horses are hella fun to fuck around with when yor high
  12. I went to a llama/alpaca farm while I was in Peru, they're crazy animals. The ones we saw had dreaded hair all the way down to the ground and dreads in the eyes, it was funny.
  13. until the kick you in the face :p
  14. thats waht i was going to say

    I guess i was wrong, seeing llamas while high was not as exotic as i thought. lmao i guess im not special anymore
  15. you've been smoking since kindergarten, damn. you're my new hero.
  16. any other thoughts?
  17. ive touched a llama :hello:
  18. Lol, at work one time i was stoned and i saw a Zedonk. It's a cross between a zebra and a donkey and they are like donkeys but striped like zebras. that was pretty sweet
  19. That is pretty sweet, i couldnt fathom understanding how that came to be if i were high and saw that. Crazy zebra donkey sex
  20. yeah i used to live near one, motherfuckers would spit when we tried to feed them shit.

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