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I belive I really need MMJ. please read.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Mr. M, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I have been using marijauna for some years now, since I was in my teens. I used to play football in highschool, and college, I have broken almost every finger bone i have.
    During daily activities I realise when not under the influence, my hands feel swollen, tight, and unconfortable. Its hard to sleep at night and i always have to re-adjust
    myself dozens of times to try to fall back asleep.
    Under the influence, I feel much more relaxed, I never notice any joint problem, I can do many stretches when not under the influence, Also sleeping IS VERY injoyable, no problems. I listen to some music and go sleep for full nights rest.
    Here is the problem, I live in New york. My Buisness is here, I cant just move out for MMJ. Also are these legit problems to reive MMJ?
    How whould I go about asking a doctor about what I have found out about MMJ.
    EDIT- I failed to mencion my back and neck aches as well.
  2. NYS currently doesn't allow MMJ for patients in NY. I have issues with anxiety, depression in addition to IBS and you're doctors will say the same as mine, "Here's a chemical pill for you to try to make it better with nasty side effects."
    There is a bill that has been drumming up support to legalize MMJ in NYS, however the bill seems to be directed more towards "severely ill" patients, ie. Cancer/HIV patients.
    Baby steps though.
    If you are having issues obtaining meds out in Suffolk that will actually help your issues,which if you ran some google searches you'll see what kinds of strains are better suited for your issues, you could always go and search online for a provider, which is riskier imo than obtaining from a regular source, but that's for you to decide.
    Good luck.
  3. if you live somewhere that you can't get mmj, then get a pharm that can help you as much as the weed does.
  4. no such thing imo...weed trumps all pharms :hello:
  5. that is so not true. that is completely ignorant and idiotic. marijuana is a very good medicine, but it's not fucking magic. i've been drinking, so it's hard to think of really good examples, but here's a really obvious one: marijuana does not help with red eyes, while eye drops do.
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    For a start become an activist! Here's an easy way- click the link in my sig, make a print up and send it (anonymously, perhaps?) to your doctor(s).

    In a survey of doctors in Canada, where there is MMJ, the doctors admitted that MOST of what they knew about MMJ came from their patients! And that's where there is a legal governmental MMJ program! How much do you think US doctors know about cannabis where it is banned in 3/4 of the states? Educate your doctor and anyone else that you think could benefit from my list.

    I would make a suggestion, for when you either move or NY gets some sense- get a copy of your medical records. They will make it a lot easier to get legal.

    When I started using, there was no such thing as MMJ, now somewhere between 65% to 85% of the public support it and I am "California legal". The difference? Each of those people who changed their mind, knew someone who cannabis helped, or read about it somewhere. The difference is education- by study or story, they were educated. We win the war on prohibition one mind at a time!

    Click the link below and read!

    Granny :wave:
  7. we deff need that mmj in new york from what i can tell you would think it would be, like honestly everyone smokes.... like everyonee adults everyone and its just like hrmm you think ppl would ban together and try to change shit alas some ppl just want to complain untill then can get it. btw i was not point the finger at you op earlyer this summer i busted my knee real bad in a mx accident and weed helped so much with pain way more then pain pills imo deff with sleep as you said

  8. As I was just telling one of my freidns on this board, If they make it legal, the growing condition whould be increased for the plants, so its healtheir, no spraying, not lacing, no worrys. Its rediculas, I believe there waiting for the older generation to fade out so the repulicans dont look so liberal legalizing marijuana in new york.

    It has been hammered in out midns since DARE in grade school, MARIJUANA IS DEADLY.

  9. that's how i feel, kinda. i think we just have to wait until everyone dies off that won't support it.
  10. I feel a little better that it is decriminalized in NY. I never had a problem with a police officer ever, clean record.

    Look at society, alot of people dont realize that marijuana is a " backround" drug, you can still do tasks just as well if you are high.
    Society makes stoners look stupid, junkies, and low lifes with no jobs. even though we watch south park and laugh at MR.Hanky, when he is stoned, he gets fired from jobs, gets killed, and starts seeing things.
  11. yea, i know alot of functioning members of society that poke some smot ok....
    but i mean if the younger generation would rally together and vote then polatitions would care about what we want b/c we can affect there futer they dont care right now b/c they know not enough of us vote to make a diffrance.
  12. Thank you all. + rep for everyone. Thanks again.

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