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I believe in a non established religion

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, May 27, 2009.

  1. We get reincarnated, There is a god, He is all loving, God is irrelevant, humans first. :| Btw Atheist, shut the fuck up, every time you feel about bitching about god, go volunteer at the homeless shelter. Thank you and have a productive day.

  2. I've done it. Why would you make a thread telling us this, and then giving a big "fuck you" to quite a few Atheist memebers on the forum. Looks like it's just itching for an argument to me.
  3. I'm so sick of this there is no go there is no god bull. Its annoying!:mad:
  4. Then prove that there is.
  5. Prove there isn't.
  6. What was the point of this thread? To say you believe in reincarnation and to tell the Atheist members to shut the fuck up?

    Well I'm Atheist, I believe in reincarnation? I don't believe in god.. and no I wont go work at a homeless shelter.. so thats my point of view.. so if you don't like it... shut the fuck up.. and :smoking: ..


    No matter what religion any one is on this site, every one believes in one thing... Bud is natures cure ;)
  7. Physics. ;)
  8. When we die, DMT is released and heaven/hell is just tripping.

    That is one of my beliefs, and it's actually based around some research into the topic. Look it up, pretty interesting.
  9. Fine, you keep thinking what you want, im off to devote my life to others.:wave:

  10. The way your wording things, i am thinking that you think you are better than those who believe something different than you.

    One thing i want to tell you: anyone can devote there life to others, how does that have anything to do with a belief in god?

    This thread is just straight up trolling, unless you post up some logic on your original topic " I believe in a non established religion"......

    Until then bye bye ignorant troll:wave:
  11. I don't think I'm better, just a little less sane. :D And bye Artiest. :wave:
  12. thats a solid

  13. That's a pretty stupid arguement. You're the one that should present proof that he exists, because you believe in a God. Athiests don't believe in god because of the LACK of proof, they don't have concrete proof that he doesn't exist, but there is no proof that he does.
  14. Its funny how 'god' created mankind, but the idea of 'god' destroys mankind. if there was an all knowing god, why would he let people form a religion around him? the arguments between the correct interpretaion of god is responsible for numerous wars and countless deaths. in the sense that god is responsible for creating life, why would he contradict himself by allowing misintepretted ideas of himself destroy the things he is trying to create? just a thought, btw im not an athiest lol

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