i been missing out (6/13/06)

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  1. me and my boy were chilling at my house, bored out of our minds, and we had like 73 cents between the two of us. so we are like fuck it lets go to our dealers place and just chill with him since he doesent do anything but sit in front of his apartment smoking and drinking.

    we had to hop a fence and my friends a little bitch sometimes and sees some guy approaching us and starts running in the opposite direction. the guy just wanted some rolling papers, which i didnt have. my friend tried to explain that he thought the dude was a cop and he didnt want to get fined for trespassing, how the hell is an aparment complex private property?

    well, we walk to my boy slim (teh dealarr) and he offers me a swig of his 40 ounce. so im like hell yea and have a drink. after we kill that bottle, he goes inside and gets a 5th of some shit, i think it was bourbon, but i wasnt paying much attention because he kept giving me shot glasses. i took about 8 shots and told my friend who never drank alcohol before to take 2 or 3. out of nowhere these lil black dudes wearing all blue pop up, and i just happen to be wearing a blue tee that day (im not afiliated with crips or bloods but i got friends that are in both gangs), and they say they know me from school. so theres about 15 of us in front of slims apartment when he sends me, my friend, and his boy chicago to get some swishers from the smoke shop.

    we walk into the shop, and the pakistani dude that runs it is cool as hell, lol his 2 friends that work there with him were sitting in front smoking a blunt and offered me a hit. well, i go inside and my 2 friends are standing outside since there is a cop like right outside the doors (fucking hater). i get 6 swishers and ask him how much for his pipes that he had. he said theyre 15 but for me theyd be 6 bucks lol, i thought sweet, too bad i havent had any more money on me, besides the 3 bucks slim gave me.

    the alcohol was starting to come on, and it was like 3 of us walking down the sidewalk, and chicago talking about he wants to get into a fight with this motherfucker that lives in the apartment complex where we were chilling at.

    well, we come back and chill, when slim said he was out of alcohol, and he was out of money besides the 30 bucks he had for weed. so the mexican dude that lives next door to him gives him 20 bucks and tells him to bring back a pack of Corona. mmm corona FTW!

    well, we're walking back down the street and we see the cop watching us the whole time, notice that this time we were rolling about 8 deep. we let slim walk into the liquor store and we post up. as soon as slim walks out, BAM the fuckass cop asks him if we were with him, so he says yea, what about it? the cop says that she'll be watching us. HAHA OK, dont these fucks have anything else to do than try to fuck up our day??

    we walk back and crack open the box of corona, and the mexican dude starts asking me shit in spanish, which i can understand some, but he was talking all low and shit. well, since slim was out of weed, he ran to the weedgirl lol that lives across the street. this is how chill this hood is, she takes the money, goes in the apartment, and comes back with a big ziplock bag all out in the open and slim checks it out and says bye, then he turns around and invites her over with us.

    i just noticed that our crowd grew from like 15 to 25 or so. and the people that just arrived were rolling their own blunts to pass around. well, there were about 5 blunts in rotation at one time, i had 3 passed to me at the same time so i was like fuck it and hit all 3 at the same time before passing 2 of em back around. these guys were cool as hell, because when i puff puff passed, they said that they didnt roll like that, that i take as many hits as i want before passing. so i take about 4 drags and pass. i have a bottle of beer passed to me so i sit my ass down by a tree and sip on it, looking at the sky, thinking "DAMN, i have been missing out like a motherfucker, these dudes are like right over the fence."

    i get another blunt passed to me, so i take a few hits and walk up to the mexican dude and offer it to hime, and he says no to the weed, but he smokes cigs and drinks alcohol. oh well, his choice. lets just say that i was pretty fucked up, never been this drunk and high at the same time lol. my boy chicago passed out in slims living room right next to the speaker that was bumping "notorious thugs."

    we're sitting there talking, when like half of the dude's parents (or at least i think they are) come over. im sitting there thinking "oh shit theyre going to bitch, and i dont want to hear this." BULLSHIT! they sat down with us and smoked blunts!

    a hour or so passes and i see chicago walk out of the apartment and start throwing up in front of some girls that were walking by. and this ***** is silly, as soon as he throws up, barely missing their shoes, he wipes his mouth and looks at one of em and says, "aye baby, whats your name?" i was like this dude can not be serious. but the girls sat down and smoked with us too. it was the best time i had ever. literally, i never relaxed this much and had this much weed and alcohol offered to me.

    well, like chicago told me about the fool he wanted to fight, the guy he was talking about walks up and just takes a beer without asking the mexican dude. chicago walks up and gets in his face and asks him "did you ask if you could have one?" and the guy mumbles something when chicago snatches it out of his hand and says for him to go home and bring some money back, because the only time the dude comes by is when he sees packs of beer or blunts being passed around.

    i tell chicago to calm down, i didnt want no one calling the cops because of a silly ass fight over a beer. the mexican dude tells him that it was ok, that the dude could have a beer. i dont know where it came from, but i just saw a big ass platter full of chicken wings and legs. slim told me if i wanted some hot sauce, that he had some in his fridge. so i get some sauce and come back and everyone was quick to reach for it lol. well, after eating like 3 wings, i didnt feel like i could walk any more (shit, i haven't had a shitload of alcohol and weed in my system like this in a while, and never at the same time).

    we were just sitting around with this older black lady who was talking about her bong she had in the house. and we asked her to bring it out, but she said she didnt want to risk getting caught by the cops. so slim lit one lat blunt to go around before it was time for people to leave before his mom came home from work.

    well, it was a good ass day, aside from chicago's beef with that one guy and the cop trying to be a bitch to us. i definitely met some cool peeps and now i know where to go when i dont have shit to do.

    peace out GC, im about to go pass out because me and my friend smoked a black even though i hate tobacco. the shit is making me throw up, i just wanted to try it one more time before saying fuck tobacco. :smoking: :wave:
  2. Sweet story, by the sounds of it you live in a pretty chillen hood :smoking:
  3. Damn, thats the way to live it. I'm real good friends with my dealer. He is always calling me over, and that is how people are around him. Its fun as shit man.
  4. that sounds fun as fuck, ur lucky man.:smoke:
  5. damn when am i gonna get friends like that usually i'll buy a zip and go to a friends party and roll blunts and smoke bowls, its like i take care of the weed and they buy the booze
  6. Wow... very long, detailed story. Good stuff dude. ^_^ +rep.
  7. sick story man...i wished i lived somewhere fun
  8. To ME, I can just imagine you guys livin in some ghetto ass hood in L.A or somethin, bumpin that old school rap shit, and kickin back smokin blunt after blunt while sippin on 40 oz.'s. Defonatly some good times, loved the story man. Continue gettin high! Gotta learn to smoke the buddha...
    And I got to say one more thing...BONE THUGS N HARMONY IS THEEEEEE SHIT!

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