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  1. Let's see if I can condense this down...
    On my second grow attempt my female plant went hermaphrodite. I let her/him grow and I harvested the little bud I could. I had many many seeds. During the growth of the plant I did some research and read where if a female goes hermie the seeds produced will result only in female seeds. So, since I had a bunch I decided to do a experiment Grow. I got four containers, filled two with good soil and two with crap. And let them go...

    A few months later the result was surprising. Out of the four plants all four went female. I gave one to a family friend and kept the other three.

    I used spring or tap water. Used minimal nutrients in the good, and fucked around with the one bad soil plant. But in end all went female. And I got pretty good harvest for such small plants. (I grow in a stealth box so the plants don't get too high)

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