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I ate an edible brownie 4 days ago and I still feel the high

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by lalala123lalala, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Okay so guys I ate an edible on the 29th of December and it hit me not that hard because I only had a dime size, it wasn’t the first time I’ve ever had an edible or smoked so I was okay. The following Tuesday I had my period but I didn’t take any medicine until Wednesday and so Thursday it’s now Jan 4th comes and I’m at a gathering and out of no where I start feeling high, I was incredibly confused because the prior days I didn’t feel any highs and I was perfectly fine and my friends said it was maybe because I was dehydrated and it could just be that I’m dizzy but I’ve been dizzy before and it has never felt like this, it felt as if I was high and I was able to control it. Fast forward to now it being the 8th it’s still hitting me only at random times when there’s a lot of movement around me and I’ve convinced myself that it was all in my head because the first time ever I did an edible no one told me what would happened and I was kinda traumatized but I wanted to do it again because I thought I was able to control myself, but I’m getting scared now and I don’t want to go to a doctor but I don’t want this to keep happening to me
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    I would suggest that you, for especially the next few days, eat a nutritious diet, stay hydrated, get some exercise. Take good care of yourself. Relax, avoiding those situations that are making you uncomfortable, just for a couple of days. You may want to stop the edibles. If you find edibles have traumatized you it's best to leave them alone. Good luck.
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  3. It's definitely mental. OP, when you say that you only had a edible that was "dime sized" are you referring to a portion (like a small piece) or the actual amount of weed content, as like a gram firecracker? I'm confused here. Was it candy edible? Was it homemade?

    There is no possible way that a small piece of an edible would have any long term effects like this. In the short term, depending on the THC content, you could be in for a ride for a few hours up to a day depending on when you ate this edible and if had any food in your system, but again, a small dime seized piece of any edible wont do shit.
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  4. Edible over-doses can have weird effects, and maybe that's what happened.
    It's conceivable that some thc got stored in body fat and released later, but this is a wild guess.
    Do you know how much herb went into the edible you had?
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  5. thc does stpre its self in fat but not in an active form so wont get you high but can show up in blood or pee test after excercise theres a 99.999999% chance this is a mental thing like a placebo you fully believe your high so your brain can simulate the effects placebo is extremely powerful if your 100% sure what ever you took works

    a guy named derran brown does something simila with people one i remember well was a girl who was an incredible street musician only issue was she found it nearly impossible her gave her this pills and she was able to perform in public she went back.saying they worked really well and she didnt have one episode of panic.. he then said youve been talking chalk tablets she was shocked just how strong a placebo effect really is.

    in all relax chill your probly not high. keep hydrated eat some good food not just empty calories.

    my first edible high was strange took way longer to kick in and was all over after 24 hours.
    hope you feel better soon.

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  6. @lalala123lalala
    Get another edible. In a more controlled setting have another go at it. It's the only real way to test if what you think happened is reality.
    A good edible ride lasts about 8 hours and you should wake up the next day clear headed unlike alcohol which leaves you fuzzy and out of sorts the next day.
    Please report back with your additional test results.
    If it was near or at that time of the month the additional hormone loading can have altered your perception of events as well. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen something along these lines. Avoid high doses of mind altering substances during this time.
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