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Discussion in 'General' started by metalstonerking, Jan 1, 2008.

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  1. Fresh off the ol banning...:rolleyes:

    How yall be?

    I had a good ass new years with my buddys new medicali bong... godDAMN is it nice! What all you fuckers do?
  2. what kind of bong is it?
  3. Medicali with a perc and ice notches:D:D:D
  4. Lovin the title of this thread
  5. welcome back

    how long were you banned?
  6. Bout 2 weeks
  7. Why were u banned?
  8. I believe it was for disrespect

    I had a pretty good new years, went to the bars, partied with some chill people, got really blazed :smoke:

  9. Indeed it was.

    Hes well on the way to another banning, I think.
    First thing he did when he got unbanned was -rep me and tell me I\'m \'\'still a dick.\'\'

    (I was one of the people he got banned for disrespecting.)

    Soooommeone musta pissed in his Cheerio\'s this morning.

  10. DAMN dude, what are you going to do to mend that broken e-rep? :rolleyes:
  11. Haha, man, lay off him dude. It\'s called rep abuse. I\'m cool with you and phoenix, so everyone be nice to each other haha.
  12. lol.

    I dont care about rep.

    But it\'s annoying when we get Douchebags on here, like this guy.

    Who I forgot existed.

    But apparently he waited 2 weeks and as SOON AS he gets unbanned, he -reps me.

    Whats he gonna look forward to now?
  13. Yeah theres a few people like that on here. THe OP i dont think I\'ve ever had problems with, but some others I have. It sucks, I come here to talk to fellow stoners, and come to a place where I can actually see good in the world, see peace, instead of all the shit i see daily in real life, ya know?

    It\'s kind of like an escape from reality, to my virtual stonerland.

  14. Exactly.

    I log on to stonerland to see some guy forgot to apply the Preporation H to his butthole,
    So sitting at the computer causes pain.

    Thus sparking the desire to bring up a two week old disagreement.


    Im done with E-Drama from this guy. Hopefully he gets the Perma-Ban soon.

  15. Ha, I\'m not even gonn comment on that :p

    That E-Drama is bullshit though. I like most of the mods, I actually dont have problems with any of them, but there is far too much drama and shit thats slippin through their view... Now, if I was a mod I\'d fix this. Vote for me :p
  16. I love all the mods.
  17. yeah, I dont see a problem with any of them besides slippin on the drama and shit. Other than that, they\'re all pretty kick ass people when you get to talkin widd \'em.
  18. Wasn\'t trying to offend, but rep abuse or not -- I still don\'t think it should be brought up publicly. Just let a mod know and be done with it. :smoke:
  19. Yeah, yeah man, you got a point homie.

    But really, I say we all smoke a blunt and fucking get along. We\'re all stoners here.
  20. Its all good man.
    I wasn\'t offended by you at all.

    The guy is already banned again.
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