I Appoligize...to All Indoor Growers,,,for Not Visiting Your Threads...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chicken, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. i once was a avid indoor grower,,,,,,

    i got popped,,,,they got nuthin but dirt and roots,,my lights,,e.t.c.

    a simple parefenellia charge is all i caught,,,,,,,

    i dont visit your threads because,,,,it aches my heart to see you blades doing something that i was a expert at,,,,,

    maybe one day i may grow inside again,,,,but not at this loca tion,,,,,,,,too hot,,,,,,

    my ex wife let the goose out of the bag by telling her sister,,,,,,,

    keep your grow silent....DID YOU HEAR ME ''SILENT''.............

    i salute all of you for having the balls for doing a indoor grow,,,,,,,i'd rather grow inside than outside,,,,,

    be cool and good luck with all of your grows,,,,,,,,look at my gallery,,,,, i may not be able to grow no -mo....

    but i toook pics. of my babies........GROW -ON,,,,,MY BROTHERS,,, :cool:
  2. Wise words bro :p

    It sucks you have to stop growing indoors while some are out there taking pictures of their faces with their plants lmfao.
  3. yo man! It's cool.. we know you're out there lurking :)

    it's gotta suck not being able to grow again.. you were real good at it! Soon enough you'll get back in the game.. just let things cool off for a while.

    and yeah, silence is the key for sure.. there's no bigger mouth than a bitter ex LOL..

    peace brotha!
  4. That seriously sucks, but then atleast you didn't get busted with a crop!

    Your biggest enemy is your mouth.
    Good luck in the future if you do or dont grow :D

    The Duck.
  5. I totally understand chicken, I'm in the same boat, except they actually got my plants :(. I just got the courage to come back on here and it still stings a bit, wishing I could grow glorious plants again. And seriously, anyone reading this, rule number one of growing weed is DO NOT TALK ABOUT GROWING WEED. Don't even tell your best friend or girlfriend. They tell one person, they tell one person, they tell 5 people, next thing you know you're caught. Or in my case, you can do all that but forget you have a piece of shit brother in the house who would sell you up the river for a candy bar. Now he thinks he's gonna be a marine...hope he gets shot in the groin.
  6. Wow... It pains ME to see this happen... and I'm not even a grower.

    But I can appreciate all the time, hard work, and love you guys put into fighting the good fight. It's a damn shame that the darker side of human nature eventually brings down even the best of things.

    I hope you fella's can someday return to what you're wonderful at, and enjoy doing....

    And just know that your legacy of past growing does not go unnoticed. Your input and insight into the matter has helped probably hundreds and thousands of people who would have otherwise been in the dark about the matter.

    The times may have change... but the thoughts, heart, and soul will never die.
  7. sorry to hear that

    how long ago did you get popped chicken?

    and what kinda charges do they put you up on for equipment and such?
  8. it was about 1 1/2 years ago,,,,,,

    i got charged with parafenellia,,,,,no other charge,,,,,thats all it was,,, a emty grow room,,,,,

    they said the roots could get me in trouble,,,,,just ass quick as if thier was a plant in it,,,,
    i told them it aint a root crop,,,,it aint a carrot..

    they snatched, my lights,,,, my fertilizer { fox-farm ,, not very cheap}

    they even took a '' lightbrite'' out of my shed,, that was the kids toy,,,,,dumbasses,,,, what you gonna grow with a lite-bright,,,

    in fla. it's nasty getting caught with such items,,,, so i signed a plea bargain,,, year probation,, drug classes,,,,,a fine of 1200$ i believe it was,,, court costs 450$.....

    it's all a money thing,,,,, nuthin but money:mad:
  9. I feel your pain. I used to grow 10-13 years ago with my fiancee at the time. Of course she knew about it, she was the person that was on these forums learining how to do it right while I was busy at work.

    She told a close family member she thought she could trust, of course word spread through the family and then some distand uncle of hers called out of the blue and said you have 24hours to stop and clear out before he's calling the police, and that they will be coming for sure. (and he used to be a cop or something)

    Of course he said it was for her own good, as if he was doing her a favor by saving her from the "devil weed" which will of course just lead to crack and heroin and shooting up meth. He wanted her to stop now before it went down that path, and thought he was both saving her life and allowing her the heads up to save her from
    legal charges as long as we stopped immediately and cleared out. Really proud of himself...

    I just now am getting started again after all this time. An no I'm not with that girl any longer either. It's not that this incident made me stop for that long but just shit happens and roommates and so forth and so on made it pretty impossible. Now I'm medical and legal, so...

    Fuck the police, it's none of their god damn business what I do now.
  10. Always is, aint it?

    capitalism trumps EVERYTHING including democracy in this day and age

    it's fucked up man

    taking the lite bright though, that's fuckin ignorance for ya

    did they look for an ez bake oven too??
  11. Sorry to hear that mate, it's always sad when a fellow grower gets busted........as you said, and incase any newbie growers are reading thus...........Tell no one!!...........SILENCE is the key!........Peace out.............Sid
  12. What a great thread.
    Good advice all around.
    I am always sorry to hear when the word gets out further than it should.
    "grow on, grow silent!"
  13. To Chicken: how big was your grow?
  14. Hey chicken. did anything happen to your kids. (like them being taken away) My wife keeps saying Im gonna get her taken away. Under 7 plants in my state is a misdemeaner but she says it doesnt matter

  15. it was a 6 by 6 foot closet.... i had a 400 watt setup,, a inline 250 c.f.m. fan sucking the heat out,,, i had about 9 good size plants in there,,, that had just been sexed,,,,

    they were being lst'd and in a couple weeks the grow would have been complete....

    im sure i'll do it again in the future....

    i got a little something going in the woods..... '' no-one'' knows about.''
  16. so who did her sister tell? i mean obviously SOMEONE agency wise found out....
  17. Nice thread chicken, thanks for stopping by.


  18. she had so many warrents for her arrest at the time....

    that day i walked in rom work,, and she was here,,,

    she goes;; nice plants you got back there''

    my jaw literally hit the ground,,,,,, someone knew of my grow that i sure didnt want to know....

    i damn near beat my ex when her sister left....

    i called her 6 different languages for '' dumbass'':D

    it's all behind me now,,,, but the cops done did a knock-and-talk... since then,, i showed them the growroom was no more.....

    hopefully i dont see them bastards again...
  19. so your ex's sister with the warrants told the police?

  20. yep.... that is why i freaked out at her with the knowledge of my plants,,,

    i knew disaster was around the corner.....

    and i was right.:cool:

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