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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Maitereya, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. for the longest time i didnt know what these religous people were talking about with the whole "i am" meditation. i didnt realize its something so simple. its like a joke thats so easy it doesnt make sence.

    i am. i just am, the fact that i am is amazing. think about 12 billion years ago we were a square saltene floating in space. now we are humans with brains, love, orgasms and everything in between. its gets me excited thinking about it.
  2. An ode to awareness! Bohemian Bong-o hits!
  3. I am that I am...? :p
  4. I am what i am.

    that seperates you from women, or animals or whatever else.

  6. YESSS!


    or does it? ;) :)
  7. I am. Indeed. Stoned.

  8. That might not be such a bad thing. We are all different in our own way, after all, and it's something that makes life more interesting.

    Haha, yeah man. :smoking:
  9. You have to be carefult though; for this to work as a meditation you have to know what you're being and what 'I am' means. It has nothing to do with a personal sense of 'I' and your own existence.

  10. think not who you are, but rather...that you are.

    We're only here because stars died.

  11. i got it when "rufus", the thirteenth apostle in the film Dogma tried it on j & silent bob... "well it worked for moses". :D:D

    yeah, well, that's how its comonly relayed in our times. but died? did they really? or did they step out of their cocoons to evolve into their next states of being. life ever complexifying into saturation of novelty. life, contemplate the star... perhaps the simplest of lifeforms.
  12. We have heavier elements in the universe only because stars "evolved" so to speak into their next phases as you claim. Which is, in my opinion, a good philosophy. Stars ending creates new stars and new elements, which is somewhat of an "evolutionary" process.
  13. Damn good post.

    This is understanding that you can come back to again and again. I love it. :D
  14. It's nuts to think that essentially we are all star dust our calcium, our iron etc etc we all are basically millions of years old star dust
  15. Ya, which is why I don't find it far fetched that it's all made up ;) j/k
  16. humpty bump.

  17. maitereya....

    you're a star.


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