I am voting Republican because....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by newbienewton, Oct 5, 2010.

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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExzINsaq4LI&feature=player_embedded"]I am voting Republican because...[/ame]
  2. what a stupid fucking ad, seriously though
  3. haha that was kinda cute..
  4. queue: "Jeez it's just a joke, you have no sense of humor"
  5. i'm voting republican because i'm rich:D;):smoke:
  6. Can I borrow some money to buy weed? [​IMG]
  7. "Im posting propoganda ..... because posting false information about republican talking points, with bs sources to back them up, is way to easily debunked :)"

    Just a jab :)

    For real though. When is someone going to actualy EXPLAIN why the other side is wrong, not just attack emotional chords and try to scare people? If i saw a commercial that took JUST ONE of these topics, and actually discussed it for two minutes, it would better serve said partys cause.
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPG25Wf0aa4&feature=player_embedded#]YouTube - I'm Voting Democrat[/ame]!
  9. paypal or e-check?

    just messing with ya, that would be too liberal and socialistic to just hand you the money for doing nothing.

    I'm not a republican btw lol, I vote independent.:D
  10. I vote for the individual, never the party, fuck the party. I can't stand when people vote along any party line.
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    Democrats/Socialists would need to pay a bureaucrat to take your money and then send it to newbienewton. After that you'd need to pay someone else to calculate how much you sent and tax it.

    Republicans/Conservatives are the ones who believe in charity and would voluntarily give money.

    Conservatives more liberal givers

  12. ^^^thats cause conservative think 'no body is looking out for the indigent'

    and liberal think 'the state takes care of the indigent'

    on a serious note i would vote republican more often if they were, you know....republican
  13. no doubt.

  14. I've seen that stat before and I'm just curious, do church donations count as charitable donations? I don't really regard them as real charity since most of the ones I went to were always building bigger churches and bigger parking lots rather than helping people in need.
  15. :hello: Love it good ad newbie Republicans cant handle the truth:hello:
  16. :laughing:

  17. Lmao @ Generalizations = Truth.

    Your right, the closer it hits to the truth, the less funny it is :)
  18. Nah they're just not funny.
    I try to avoid buying into the whole left-right thing whenever possible, but republicans just aren't funny.

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