i am so freaked right now

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  1. so i call my friend right and he doesnt answer. i call his girl and she doesnt answer. i go to their hangout spot to see if they are there, and i see a towtruck towing his car away! i ask the guy where they went and he said "the police station". o m g. i call his phone again and a fuckin cop answers "hello this is officer so and so" and i ask to talk to my friend and he says "he's going down to the police station they'll be done in about an hour or so" wtf!!! i put two and two together, because as i was going to the spot, i passed two police cars. im so freaked right now. thats the smoke spot. and i dunno what this is all about.

    any thoughts?
  2. oooooo......

    they'll be done in an hour or so is strange......

    maybe a small possession? but then why the tow??


    I'm baffled.
  3. he was movin weight.
  4. not good man there probaly busted (srry negtive thinker here)
    or maybe just wrong parking spot idk...but 1 thing for sure tho...they can get busted...but if its less then a once then no worryz...^^
    well atleast wehre i live xD
  5. obviously they got busted for something but why would they tow their car?
    unless they were drinking ??
  6. they towed the car because it wasnt on their personal property, and possibly to impound it to search for anything else

    anytime you get arrested and your car is anywhere other than yours or someone you knows property, its gettin towed to the impound
  7. well as long as the car dnt got budda in it, then there good
  8. haha yea except they wouldnt have gotten arrested if the cops didnt already find weed

    and the 200 dollar tow fee isnt exactly all good either now is it
  9. getting your car towed by the cops sucks ass
  10. oh tru tru
    man...200 bucks down the toilet...man u can get so much budda wit tht >.<
    well GL to u man
  11. he speaks the truth..
  12. Don't worry about it, they'll be fine. They probably got arrested for possession, and since it's an arrest and not just a fine since it's probably not decriminalized where you live then they got taken in to the police station to sit in the drunk tank for a couple hours before they collected a small bail fee from them to make some money. That's my guess, don't know for sure. But just because they got arrested doesn't mean that they had serious weight or did anything really bad, hopefully if that's the case they can beat it in court. It's just a major inconvenience right now, and it will cost some money to get the car back and pay bail.
  13. have you seen your pals yet
  14. get them nice and BLAZED when they get out
  15. thats harsh man.
    man if i get busted iam looking at a shit load of time.:smoke:
  16. if u get arrested and your not at your house of if the car got uplled over NEAR "the spot" the police dont just leave your car on the side of the road they call and get it towed i used to be lucky enough to work for a towing company it happens all day everday and the people who come to pick their cars up are usually not to happy or nice of people lol
  17. posession. fucking posession. for weed. wtf. and i could have been with them too. thats what i keep thinking. i could have been there.
  18. OUCH! Were they in a car or just got it towed? Things happen for a reason.
  19. they were smoking in the car and crashed probably. haha:p

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