i am proud to say

Discussion in 'General' started by CheefinReeffa, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. today was my first day of college.
    i havnt been to any ;skool'
    in like over 2 years now,
    and im sittng here listening to dead prez studyin
    comn off my high :)

    im in skool tho.

    peace yall
  2. Well, you're off to a great start!
  3. so is anyone else in skool
    and what classes do you have
    or whats your major

    im in behaviorl science classes
  4. i wish....pell grant is taking ages to respond.
  5. i unfortunatly had to pay out of my pocket...
  6. In school right now... and i mean right this minute. late classes suck, im stuck here till 9:45.
    remember go to class high, study high, test high, then score high!
  7. In school right now part-time trying to finish my damn computer programming degree. Taking my last social science class on wednesday nights, sociology. Yay!
  8. My parents paid for my first semester and I have paid for the rest and thank God I am about done. Working full-time and going to school part-time blows hard sometimes.
  9. sick man. I'm pumped for my first day o college next week, moving in sunday :hello: cant wait ta get out of this shitbum town:bolt:
  10. Late classes are always better than early classes. Winter quarter always means long walks in the bitter, slushy outdoors. At 9 AM (Or 730 for many), it's very easy to just say "fuck it" and stay in bed.
  11. Good for you man

    I'm a psychology/biology major. Is behavioral sciences along the lines of psych?
  12. Congratulations - getting back to school and getting your education is the best investment in your future you can make. Seriously. I graduated UCLA in '06 at age 35, so it's never too late. It was also a LOT of fun being around younger students as an "aged" adult. I had a great time during my last two years (I spent about 13 years going to community college off and on after dropping out of SDSU during my second semester, having JUST turned 18).

    When my daughter is ready for grade school I'll probably be ready for grad school. Hey that's funny...grade/grad....one letter is a 50K dollar difference. Talk about buying a vowel...Pat, I'll have an 'E' please - that will be $50,000
  13. I was outta school for a year after graduating and it was hard going back...now it's just a routine lol.
  14. You really ran with that, I applaud your wit. Reputation incoming.
  15. Cool, I'm an American Studies major (formerly history).
    Good luck on the semester or quarter or whatever you're on.
  16. yea i gotta do
    but im only taking english and history rite now
    iguess i need my main classes first
  17. nice man, stick with it!

    i want to go back... i'm still just 20 but i don't know what i want to do so i've just working at a factory since high school. i keep telling myself i'm gonna go back though. i've almost got my car paid off, then i can start saving for a road trip. after that, hopefully back to school. :)

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