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Discussion in 'General' started by Baked Potatoes, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Apparently, because I have been trying to promote a show that I think stoners would really enjoy, not all, but some members and moderators think I am spamming the forums, or trying to sell something, or have malicious intent. I want to set the records straight right now and say that even though I am trying to promote this show, it's a show that stoners should want to know about. If we do happen to make any money, we will improve the show to television quality and bring out all kinds of extras for stoners to enjoy. Before you judge us as product pushers, or dismiss us as being like other stoner shows, at least watch an episode, or even just one part. If you hate it because you hate it, great, that's your prerogative, but at least watch first. If you don't like people judging you because you're a stoner, then stop judging us and take a few minutes and give it a watch. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    We're also asking everyone what your top ten songs about marijuana are. It would be appreciated if even more people would vote. This is only the first of hopefully many stoner top tens that we'll be covering. Next would be top ten worst stoner stereotypes, best munchies, movies, types of weed/hash, worst injustices, etc. etc. This is to bring stoner issues out into the open for hopefully everyone to see. I've been told to just search the top stoner songs, but most are very outdated and I figured that since we have a show, nobody would mind answering one more time. Apparently, for some that's too much work, which is fine, but stop telling us to just search it please. it's hard to legitimize this show and stoner issues, if even stoners can't take it a little bit more seriously (even though we also like to include a lot of comedy).

    So in conclusion to this essay or novel, or whatever, all I have to say is:

    watch the show, then judge it, until then, don't crap on it
    after all, isn't that what stoners complain about, and we wouldn't want to be hypocrites, would we?

    Watch it - Love it or hate it - But at least watch it

    If you hate it that much, We'll give you your money back!

    If you still think we're spammers, tell us and we'll fv(k off


    I'm not placing any links to the show here so I won't be accused of spamming again. You'll have to check out my other posts for the newest episodes. One per week.

    And Yes! I have already been called a preacher by one viewer, in case you couldn't tell.

    Thanks to everyone that is enjoying the show, and we hope there will be many more viewers in the months or years to come.

  2. It is my understanding that promotion or advertising of ANYTHING on this forum is prohibited, regardless of whether the material is related to stoners or not. If the mods were to allow an exception for you then there would be a huge outcry from everyone else that has been moderated because of this, and therefore the Terms and Conditions would become invalid.

    In other words, they aren't picking on you personally, they are just enforcing the rules which you agreed to when you signed up to the site.
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