i am new here, hello everybody, can you give me a favor?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vicky vi, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. hello, everybody, this is vicky, and nice to mee you, you guys. why i will be here, that is becuase i want to do something and want the suggestion from you guys, can you help me?

    i work in a trading company, and my boss become crazy. you know, right now, it is bad economy all over the world, it is harder and harder to do the business. but my boss increasse our quota month and month, (PS, we need to meet our quota monthly). actually i did talk with him, but it doesn't work. he insist on his mind. one of my friends know my condition, and she suggest me to quit this job and do it, the same thing by myself, but for me, it is very hard to chooe. if i saty in this company, it is very hard to keep on moving. if i do by myself, can i do that?

    thanks for you guys' attntion.
  2. Welcome to the City.

    Only you can answer that question, but in general you don't want to start your own business unless you have at least six months worth of living money banked, preferably a year.
  3. good advice i would deff start saving as much as u can.and as for the work situation with your boss(i know how u feel,i was stuck in a job i hated for 3yrs and the boss was a slave driver)but once i made my mind up that i was moving on and then put it into practice i just didnt care any more as i knew that every day i went was a day closer to leaving:D

  4. i know, before i do that, i need enough money to support my life. so i am considering that i research part-time job to earn money. i am thinking about selling something, but cannot know which product is good, could you mind to let me know which product is better for sale. actually right now i work as a online seller. if i sell the same products as my company, can it work? right now, becuase of the world cup is coming soon, so i plan to do that business, is it good choice?
  5. the life just like a game. we can't control it, just can do something under its rule.
    actually what is the life, is it about the job, the family, friends and the community? how can we make our life colorful? how can we do that?

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