i am in deep shit!

Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. my wife went to bingo and my son went to a away game to night for baseket ball but thats not it! i was setting hear typeing and the phone rang, so i was knowing my son would be calling ,so i try to run in the liveing room real quike to get it, but about two steps in the room was a lump of what i thaught was a sweater on the flour but when i tryed to kick it out of my path i unknowingly was setting the cat up for a 10 ft punt into the christmas tree ! it was good for two points tell the cat got stuck in the garlin and tryed to run! the tree spon like a upside down tornado! it was shiny and the funnyist dam thing ive seen in years till one of my wifes china balls hit me in the forhead! the cat was feaking out and i could not stop him so i got the idea to step on the garlin that stoped him all right it was like a rubber band wiping him in to my wifes baby booty collection of about 200 china bootys well i should say 195 or so now! all in all its a big fucking mess! and shes going to be pist ,aint the holidays great ! i think the cats going to have to take this one !its his fucking fault any way! but i think i am going to be up all night fixing shit!i think this has showen me that puting a bow on that cat and leaveing him for santa aint that bad an idea!dose any one want a slightly punted cat for xmas!how about a few good peices of broken china that look like they were glued to gather by a blind man!that bitch she just got home and i told her what happen and she ask if the cats all right!i am glad she won $60 or i would have never herd the end of it!this is great she in there picking it up and happy with out killing me ,dont figger three cheers for bingo!whats this she just came in and gave me $20 that means in woman thanking she won $80 or $100 think ill count my self lucky and give it back to her! i dont know if the $20 flys as good as the cat!
  2. Good Luck. As a woman, I would probably freak out. But maybe she will see the humor in it. Or use plan B. Tell her the cat was chasing that seed-eating bastard mouse, and it wrecked the tree! You must use your best poker face or it wont work!!! LMAO! Nate.

    cats + breakable things = mess!

    She'll probably never trust you alone in the house again.

    hahahaha Tazz!
  5. i went and help clean up and she wasnt mad she was in a good mode after wining at bingo she dose need the money she loves the game! she would take the$ 20 back! hole shit i am in shock gal!she didnt say anything about the bootyes but she did say ill get some new ones so i think shell be shoping for more soon! iam playing it smart i am not going to bring it up to day!time well heal the pain i hope!you gave me a good idea to take a stick and duck tape to that dum cats head and duck tape that fucking mouse on the end of the stick and set them both out side!lol
  6. whats up you man ,did you ever here or have a pet like this one ! he is always gets me in to deep shit! and the fucker wont chase that little fucking mouse that would be to much like a real cats life!the good thing is my sons team wiped am!but he was sick all night from runing back and forth ,he give 110%and it shows!so hows it going man ! lets here the goods!
  7. i told the true and it worked ,holey shit! and yes nate has the goods shes a smart cookie and has a great set of lips! and she dont mind passing the joint around !aint that lip stick color hot!but i dont know if its as sweet as her heart shes has it going on! i got the mess all cleaned up last night and i am leting the wife sleep in! its a smart move dont you think?
  8. dont even say that ill be want to party and shell want me to clean house or something !shes got use to me have this little time outs! ive broken about 9 coffie pots, i cant see the glass or side ways and the two come to gather now and then! i got a bran new coffie pot in the pantry, that we dont use any more ,hahaha,lol do you know why?i do! she got this shine great new coffie pot ,she just loved it! and it didnt have a light to tell you if it was on so i couldnt tell if it was on so i tryed to put my head up to it to see if it was on it was and burnt my ear so after looking like vango for a week. i started to unplug it ,my wife would come out to make coffie and for get i had unplug it and set there a hr half awake before she realis the pot was unpluged lol ! she came in the house a few days latter with a new one that has a light, i played it safe and didnt ask! and the other new ones is still setting there i aint saying nothing!lol
  9. that was funny as shit....sounds like you made the kick and got the extra point.....that will teach that cat to lay in your way....lol... booted cat , into boot collection..good kick man...and if it don't catch that seed eatin mouse it'll get more of the same.....

  10. maybe i should start booting that mouse to!lol

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