I am fucked

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  1. WOW Im a idiot. I forgot that at 9 this morning i took 3mg of klonopins and then at 6:30 I shot a .2 and I keep blacking out waking up then being like wtf:confused: I dont even remember smoking with my buddy i was out cold apparently and blacked out i drank a coke and we smoked the bong. after the black out he let me take a hit cause i was "there" haha imm still fucked up now! Im a dumbass dont do what i do

    this took 25 mins to type for spelling errors and a CRAZY nod

    I hope I Wakeup
  2. i hope you do to buddy..get a piece of ice or something cold..rest on the back of your neck... used to work for me as far being too drunk+hi
  3. Im having crazy hallucinations when i look at the lettters on the keyboard there moving and floating everything is fuckeup
  4. I keep dreaming but im awake its fucking crazy
  5. yo be safe cuz, i mean i do know you and all.

  6. Well I don't "know you" but I still hope your safe lol

    drink some water. eat a little bit. Give your body something healthy to work with.
  7. Eat and drink water and dont move. Just sit down somewhere
  8. Yup, thats the definition of "The Nod"
  9. no like i was literally getting fucked up with him like last week. but yeah, hope your straight.
  10. the dreaming but awake sounds like fun
  11. Oh I was kinda confused when you said shot a .2 I thought you meant like on a breathalyzer or somethin, lol.

    But ya I know your talkin bout that Her'on

    Good lucky buddy, Sounds like your havin fun, but I hope you wake up too lol
  12. Yo rod stay away from that white light man
  13. shot a .2? like you did heroin?

    heroin's bad mmkay :D

  14. ..that's cool..:smoking:
  15. last night is a complete blur lol never mix opiates with benzos haha
  16. Whenever I take too much of something I always like to go on short walks to keep my mind off of how fucking messed up I am until It wears down a bit. If youre blacking out just make sure you got a sober friend with you just take a walk.

    I had to do that this weekend when I blew down 10mg of Oxymorphone. Was not expecting it to be as strong as that lol was like snorting an 80 bomb. kept going on 5 minute walks when I was feeling too messed up.

    Sitting around makes you 10x more anxious and gonna make you just keep nodding off imo

    of course that depends on if you can actually WALK right now..
  17. Nice ot see my fellow 508er made it through.
  18. Dirty bro, lay off H-bombs imo.
  19. Didn't you just get out of rehab?

    Just sayin.

  20. 4 months ago yes.

    im good now tho just wanted to get jammed:p i wont be doin it again for a grip but holy shit was i fucked up! i kept nodding and waking up 5 mins later and my dream seemed like they lasted hours! i had like 10 different dreams in a hour haha

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