i am favering a half blunt vs a cigerello more now

Discussion in 'General' started by letsmokeasweet, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. yea i got lucky and found a buy1 get 1 free pack of blunts for $2
    so 10 blunts for $2 is a no brainer

    and i have been tearing them in half....now i get 20 instead of 10

    and rolling half blunts, instead of the usual ciggerelo

    and i have to say...definitly worth the $2 investment

    its easeir to roll then a cigerello
    i can out more weed in then a cigerello
    or make it skinny

    and it still smokes good all the same

    does anyone else smoke half a ciger at a time instead of a full one?
  2. I always tear off a portion of the inner paper but usually discard it. ( I do the same if some fool hands me one of those white papers bigg enuff to be a bed sheet too lol) and I love those box deals on blunts, 10+ years ago I used to get that shit all the time but don't see it much anymore..
  3. I tear wraps in half all the time. Perfect for that personal fat blunt!
  4. roll one up for me :smoke:
  5. bongs FTW

  6. hell yea i will

    gona smoke some sour d to :)
  7. how do you get 10 blunts out of a buy one get one free? that's two blunts, you would have to cut each one into 5 pieces..
  8. wow, just wow :smoking:
  9. Blunts are nice

    Mmore skin slash leaf da more conservative!
  10. I don't do halves because I like to roll with the little paper tips but I usually shorten blunt wraps to joint size so I can pop them in my joint rolling machine. Don't judge this machine makes these mother fuckers last a good 10 minutes.

  11. wow what muhfucka, his post don't make any sense... 10 blunts for 2$? Please explain
  12. He said he found packs of rillos not singles

  13. He said "buy one pack get 1 free for 2$" you misread it.
  14. Time to step away from the bong and reread the post. He got 2 packs of 5 cigars.
  15. thats a steal yo, where'd you find that?
  16. wait do you cut it in half lengthwise or like horizontally so it's short? cause I'm thinking it would be kinda tough to roll if it's half as wide..but I guess if you don't use that much weed it would be easier...
  17. this is what i brought lol

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  18. sounds awesome OP.

    My friend stumbled upon 74 blunt wraps that they were going to throw out where she works. 74 blunts. My god. :smoke:
  19. daymm thats a good deal
  20. That's nothing

    Snoop Lion smokes 81 blunts a day!

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