I am disgusted with black misrepresenation.

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    It's sick and disgusting how our overly powerful news media sways opinions of others' and plants things inside the viewers head subconsciously. They want you to see a world in which they envision, not a world that is actually true.

    One thing that I am just fed up with is the vast misrepresentation of black people. The news media caters towards them, rarely ever shedding them in bad light. And when they absolutely have to report something negative blacks are doing, they use different words like, "a group of teens terrorizing neighborhood stores". White people are beaten the shit out of by blacks every day and it's rarely covered. The moment something happens to a black person, it's all over the news and Al Sharpton is called. They take to the streets and march and have rallies. Where are the white people rallies? Nowhere, because the news media does not cover the hate crimes blacks commit. In this nation, whites can only be racist and I think that is sick. It's a sin what the media is doing.

    In 2010, blacks committed slightly more murders than whites. However, blacks only make up 13% of the population.


    In 2006, 32,000 white women were raped by blacks. Virtually zero black women were raped by whites that same year.

    Table 42, http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cvus0602.pdf

    No one heard the story of the two blacks that set a white kid on fire and said, "thats what you get white boy." This took place a week or two earlier than the Martin case. Where's the coverage?

    Also, my own person experience comes into play. I have never been victimized by another other color than someone black. Both times it was black person/people. Every story I hear from friends who have been victimized involves blacks. Last weekend, a bunch of blacks tried to crash a party of whites. When the whites didn't let them in, the shot two people killing one. Very little coverage, and it didn't even mention the shooter was black.

    I am not trying to vilify blacks, but I am tired of whites being vilified. The news media should have regulations and they should be reprimanded for instilling misleading information into our nation's lazy, fat minds.
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