I am crazy? Are you crazy?

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    Resin. I-Tunes, Repeat button, 2Pac - do for love.

    TL;DR? (Bible)read first and last lines then..

    'It use to be love, happiness and companionship' 2pac- do for love

    I think saying life is a dream is saying it really never happened, like you can feel it, you can know it, but it never was, never existed, never became physical reality. Like you can 'feel' others pain or something. Like example, your see on the news of someone getting brutally murdered, I'm sure you can 'feel' this, not the actual physical pain, but in your mind.

    Like the emotion/feeling of love. You can't 'make' love out of material, like material object don't hold 'love' you can 'create' love from existence, which is why I don't believe in this all loving God, though it sounds nice..

    You have to show Love, you have to express Love. It does make a physical reaction though(the best physical reaction, I think). Like tingling or about to cry or happiness or joy, whatever. Its great. Does that mean a man in the sky did it? The universe expresses itself, love is like the pinnacle of human emotion or feeling or expression, its what we all want. Hate is the opposite, we don't want it as the 'collective' mind/consciousness but individual people choose to partake.

    This is why they say "love yourself first" because everybody can hate within just themselves, and it only makes the world worse off..... But, it takes you to express Love, to show, to put it out there in existence for someone/something to know, to 'feel' as-well, to experience the Love. Love is it people, everything stems from there... Maybe not to everything but, to us humans. Yea getting the physical reaction is great, but it starts from within, it starts from the mind not an outside force, an inside force, because everything exists within everything, 'overlapping' forever and ever, eternity but there exists only one physical expression.. the manifestation of the universe. Stars, earth, water, colors. How else could it be? Some joining with the All, the merging with the creator to know the 'truth', lol. get 'real'.

    Light and dark. We know of light! It is almost equal to Love. I say it isn't as equal to some (take the blind for example) they know of little if any physical light but can still experience love and expression... Some creatures make there own form of light, like ones living way below the ocean. True darkness exists only as absolute nothingness like before we existed, like before we were conceived i guess. I dont know if life starts at conception, not scientist.

    They say God instilled love in us until we ate an apple. This is somewhat true in the sense that WE should instill Love into others as soon as they can remember(like early childhood) stop cheating people out of love, light the universe up. I read something somewhere on the internet (think maybe a NDE experience)

    Went something like... "God: see earth... see all the light, each point of light represent someone praying, if everybody prayed at the same time earth would shine brightly".

    So pray for love please cause aint no Jesus coming back like a zombie.
  2. Honestly, I just scrolled down and read the last sentence.

    All I've got to say is what the fuck man?! hahahahahhah

    why love is Truth
  4. [quote name='"VapeMasterFlex"']Honestly, I just scrolled down and read the last sentence.

    All I've got to say is what the fuck man?! hahahahahhah[/quote]

    I swear to you I did this exact same thing, and thought the exact same thing. Lmfao. Epic
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    I swear it just flowed like that didnt realize, little editing
  6. Is being crazy a bad thing? I think normalcy is quite insane, but that's the fun I suppose.
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    We should be trying to 'perfect' this idea of Love. That is the only message we should take from Jesus, the only. He claims he died for your sins, so that its, nobody else should have to die for sins, not even their own. No eye for eye, no death penalty. We should just stop 'sinning' period, or at least grasp whatever this idea of right and wrong is. I think we already know what is the right thing to do: LOVE

    and the wrong thing to do: HATE

    So simple isn't it? lol
  8. Im batshit crazy and i embrace it.

    Not really though!:smoke:

  9. Seems perfect to me
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    Ya, whatever perfect is

    religion is like the ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing

    along with rape and murder, religion to me is true evil. maybe not the teachings but that it instills fear in people. Believe me, I have no fear of death anymore. My fear lies that 'myself', my memories, my personal experience will cease to exist for eternity.... Im so far past fearing the inevitable that its not even funny,

    Ya I still contemplate on what could happen but when I start to I remind myself that ill never know for sure and this brings great comfort to me.
  11. ^^^ I don't fear death anymore.

    I don't fear anything. I fear (as in respect) my God and that is it
  12. my problem with religion is it lies to keep people believing,

    o ya jesus will come back and 'save' us, if you dont believe he died for your sins then you go to hell for your sins
  13. a NDE story, please tell me this is a lie? i want zombie save me

    ...then I asked the light, "Does this mean that humankind will be saved?"

    Then, like a trumpet blast with a shower of spiraling lights, the Great Light spoke, saying, "Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem and heal yourself. You always have. You always will. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world."
  14. I'm pretty sure being crazy is a bad thing. Sure, there have been a few mad geniuses: Nietzsche, Blake, Artaud, Strindberg. But most crazy people just decorate their houses with garbage they find on the streets and then shit their pants.
  15. well crazy is relative. Some people call you crazy for not buying into the American materialistic culture way of life and opting to go travel abroad and pursue spiritual practices to find inner enlightenment and adventure.

    Some people call you crazy for wanting to spend most of your days in an office building crunching numbers and working in a stressful environment so that you can afford a comfortable American way of life.

    Crazy is relative. People usually just use the word crazy to label and dismiss something that they cannot understand or relate to. They would rather not even entertain the foreign ideas and consider the impact it might have on their rigid and fragile worldview, so instead they block it immediately and just call it all "crazy!", and remain stuck & comfortable in their little shell of "sane vs insane", "proper" vs "crazy" etc.

    It's all bullshit really, there is no crazy. Even crazy people are not really crazy, their minds are just conditioned differently. Yea I'm crazy to some people, and other people are crazy to me. And yet nobody is really crazy. That's how I see it
  16. Oh, sorry. Let me fix my post for you:

    "I'm pretty sure having a very unusally conditioned mind is a bad thing. Sure, there have been a few oddly accustomed minded geniuses: Nietzsche, Blake, Artaud, Strindberg. But most abnormal people just decorate their houses with garbage they find on the streets and then shit their pants."

    A rose by any other name is still a person who paints weird shit all over their house to ward off demons . . . My point was never to assume insanity exists or not, but that people who are clinically labled as such probably dont see their exceptionally radical point of view as much of an advantage.
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    I mean the universe will keep expanding with or without the existence of human beings. It took 'forever' to 'create' us humans, dont think it will just pop another 2 into existence like 'adam and eve' lol.

    Maybe the 12 dimension will hold the truth.. maybe that black hole goes to another universe, maybe there is parallel universes that experiences every experience ever, forever in time

    or.... maybe light and dark, love and hate, motion and stillness, existence or nothingness is truth?

    become observant. just listening to pac aint gon make it stop, if you never become an actor you'll never be a factor.. lupe fiasco, words i never said.
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    "Heaven is no more than a carrot on a string at the end of a tunnel; Hell is no more than a gunbarrel at the back of your head. When we are good people for the sake of being good people, we'll have no further use for religion".

    copypaste from an atheist forum

    visualize what you can't see
  19. This is why we have moment of silence before important events. Like remembering September 11th or When we are praying, although I dont pray as I find it useless, Im sure it brings comfort to some.

    The silence represents the nothingness we know of but cant truly experience because its just that, no-thing.
  20. i had a crazy uncle

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