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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by aeroblurg, Aug 23, 2001.

  1. hi everybody!
    "Hi areoblurg!"
    any way, i have a new toy. it is called eyecandy. and with eyecandy i can put fire around pictures and water drops, smoke, make bevels,.....
    the oval in the top right is a bevel i was going to make tits but it looked like a window to another dimension so i made it into an oval.
    the water marks on the phone is souposed to be the colors of the irish flag.
    the fire is there because it lookes neet.
    the phone got bent because i moved it while the scanner whas scanning it.

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  2. thats a hell of a program man. try putting a pot leaf in it.
  3. really high! :)

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  4. im IN on this too high thing...
    hi my ames highawatha and im too high...lemme try this again....
    hi aeroblurg, wave,wave hug,hug...
    cool little toy you got yourself there. sorry about your booby thing,but it was probably meant to be.
  5. der we still have the artist corner fourm. so i moved it here.

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