i am a great shot

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. haha years of video game abuse have paid off.
    i can nail a pear at the end of our garden from the top, and hit a target at the end of the garden from my top window lol

    But i'd be no good with a automatic gun(btw i mean paintball gun lol) i got my single shot sniper style gun, haha just give me a target

  2. well, its not dead, it just orange.
    haha its thinks its a orange so i just screwed it up a bit
  3. yeah! we're cool tho, real guns are bad lol
  4. Ive got a Marlen rifle i hit a target about 50-60 yards away .

    I also have a paintball gun Tippman Class 98 Custom i want to get a sniper barrel and scope...
  5. There's a range over here near me where you can shoot mp5s. My room mate are going to go do that sometime when we aren't poor from spending all of our money on alcohol.
  6. I'd spend money on pot instead of alcohol if it wasn't for the predicament I'm in.
  7. involuntary non-smokers unite ...! :: raises his fist :: have some vodka. :D
  8. hehe i love paintballing!! im pretty good with my gun.. from bout 20 yards away i can shoot through a handle on a pitchfork it was just sittin out there while i was in my backyard so i moved it and got about 20 through while walking around cause im tryin to get better shooting accurate while moving.. too bad i cant do that while sprinting instead of slow slow walking!! hehe fun fun!
  9. I once picked off some guy in a moving vehicle from about 100 yards away from a book suppository.

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