i always love the energy i get when i stop for awhile but...

Discussion in 'General' started by dankapotamus420, May 25, 2012.

  1. My most hated thing about quitting is the dreaming. Since I was a kid my dreams have Always reflected my thoughts and are pretty realistic.

    It's been 4 days not smoking and god damn have the dreams come back, some I don't mind but every night at some point I dream about my ex, which sounds silly but when the girl you told you'd marry just decides to up and leave. It weighs a little on yah. Not to mention the lost friends and cancer dreams.

    A small problem maybe, but I love sleeping and now it's just kind of an activity I have to get done
  2. Lol yeah the dreams are fucked up after you stop at first.
  3. Honestly I can't sleep for shit when I first stop smoking.

    And as far as energy I feel completely drained. Probably how Superman feels when kryptonite is close.
  4. ^^ yeah i couldnt sleep for shit the first couple days i stopped smoking, but after u get passed that stage, i sleep soo easily now. Not to mention i wake up hella early every morning. And i can remember my dreams something with great detail.
    And for some reason i can eat alot more... How weird is that... Im actually able to eat sooo much more and i have a way healthier appetite, and im way more active and get so much shit done.
  5. staying sober is the new getting high :/

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