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    The other night me and a buddy were smokin up in my bathroom.. while my mom was in the living room (right outside the door) watching tv. He was supposed to leave but he had lost his phone so I was calling it to try and hear it ring, and she yelled at me so i opened up the door and she said, "What smells like somethings burning?". So I acted like i was actually talking to someone and said, "Just a second and closed the door." I was like O SHIT lol so later after she drops him off and comes home she's like, "So what was the smell?" and I said, "We were just soldering some stuff up," haha it was probably the closest to being caught i've ever been... I was freaked out. Any stories of being caught? or almost?
  2. There's tons of em posted, just search, but i do enjoy reading them. I have a story about me getting caught by my mom growing in like sept or october, but i have yet to share it with GC. I might make a thread later when I have time.
  3. Wow, how do people not know what weed smells like. I never understood that, it has such an unmistakable scent.
  4. Yeah i was thinkin that too.. My mom use to smoke weed so i figured she would be able to tell
  5. She knew dude...
  6. Yeah, that's what my friend said but why wouldn't she say anything?
  7. mom walks out while smoking in the garage with my brother, with the pipe in hand i just slip it up my sleeve and say were smoking a cigarette( were not even smokers lol )
  8. Okay so back in high school, one night two friends and I decided to take this homemade waterfall bong (5 gallon bucket with water, and 2 liter bottle) to the local park and smoke on a bridge in there. It is probably the least stealthy thing you can take anywhere, but we were young, stupid and a little high already so we didn't think about it too much.

    Anyways, apparently someone got suspicous as we walked in carrying a 5 gallon paint bucket, so they called the cops and told them that a few kids were drinking back in the park. . We see flashlights walking down the path towards us. Immediately we pour out the water andunscrew the piece from the bottle. The cops walk up to us and start looking around, looking for beer bottles and looking for beer in the water. They even looked in our bucket, which smelled like straight up weed, and at our 2-liter which even had burn marks up by the lid. They told us that they couldn't find any evidence that we had been drinking, so they let us go.

    That was some crazy shit man. My friend had ditched the weed and the piece when the cops walked down to the water to look for beer. If they had been looking for weed, they would have found plenty of evidence.

    P.S. Don't worry, we went back and got the weed the next day, and I realize that it was our faults we almost got caught, it was just some crazy shit and I thought I'd share a story form my stupid younger days.
  9. because she doesn't care, but she definitely knows. moms are normally cooler about weed than dads. imo
  10. lol i almost got caught too couple weeks ago, my dad didn't smell it tho cuz i sprayed some axe at the last second but my speech was all frantic and messed up. he acted like he had trouble understanding me even though i felt like it came out clearly.
  11. Yeah my mom is pretty kewl.. if my dad found out (my parents are divorced and i never smoke when i'm around him) I would get shot! lol well hopefully my mom keeps the same outlook, my grades are always good anyway.. (I'm a senior in highschool)

  12. Dude do you really think you mom found out. Lol she will probably figure out that every time i come over it smells and we act all goofy and eat everything in the house lol.
  13. the smell is only distinct if you know what it is. i never noticed the smell before i smoked
  14. Lol yeah dude.. Idk i'm definitely gonna try to be more sneaky now. Hopefully she knows and just doesn't care.. But yeah, let me know if you get some more weed! :smoke:
  15. Drop the money off man

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