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I almost drowned in the shower tonight

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hippie john, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. at powerplant so muchi see why woody loves the, it fyuckin rocks!!1 about 5 hours ago i smoked some PPP that i got from a fellow grower, and decided to take a shower. in the shower i blacked out and fell over, landing on my face. my foot or somethin covered up the drain and the tub started to rize. i came to when the water was like 1/2" from my mouth and noxse. PP almost killed me:D!1 i've learned my lesson though. never smoke 5 hits of PPP and take a shower.

    good stuff, only got enough for 1 more bowl though:(
  2. hahaha thats a funny tale!! good thing you woke up! id hate to be found dead, naked in a pool of cold water... people would think things of you that just werent true!!

    "HEY MAN!! It was COLD!! And I was DEAD!!!!"

    one time i was totally wasted and passed out in the shower. i woke up 4 hours later. hahah when i got out, i STILL smelt like vodka :D

    oh man. teenage days were great. my friend puked cocoa puffs out of his nose that day...
  3. that sucks, better luck next time, GG

  4. uhhm wha?
  5. yeah, thats what iwwas thinking, but what works, works;)
  6. hat happened to me once... i was all messed up...fell asleep in the shower and fell...smashed my head on the marble and laid on the floor half in half out of the shower for like 45 min....face in legs out... it was a mess....

    water everywhere..... woke up later with a huge bump and what not...... yeah its some scary/funny stuff
  7. hmmm that woulda been interesting to see on the news. "young man drowned from overdose on marijuana" heheh.. yeaaaaah some great publicity. hey they prolly woulda made an anti drug ad out of your death. like having the camera start at your feet and go up to your lifeless eyes under water. then a caption like "it's more dangerous than we thought"
  8. I've never blacked out in the shower while stoned. A few times I've gotten really woozy, but I get a death grip on the little handle thing in there and lower myself to the ground before I fall over. I sit my stoned ass under the shower for a few minutes and pretend it's a warm waterfall or something. It's very relaxing.

  9. yeah, i usually do that too, but this time i just blacked out all f a sudden and fell over.

    that woulda been a shame, my whole life just to end up as an anti-drug commercial. it would haunt me in afterlife
  10. haha..excuse me but it really is funny...good you woke up though

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