I almost died laughing

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  1. So I set up my grow box in the corner of my room and I haven't gotten my seeds yet so I decided to test it out. I put in all the lights And stuff and plugged it in and sitting in the corner was now the worlds largest glow stick...I almost pissed my self laughing at how bright the lights were that they shine right through. Any advice though on shine proofing it?:confused::confused:
  2. What kind of material is it enclosed in..

  3. It s in a plastic 14 gallon tub
  4. Buy some panda film and set it up inside.
    High Tech Garden Supply
    Just line the inside with it.. or the out. but inside will help reflect light better
  5. Thanks for the link. I tried Mylar from one of those emergency blankets and the light made it completely transparent. I think I'm just going to try aluminum foul though. Happy growing man.
  6. or go to home depot or lowes and get some duct tape... the silver stuff with the red writing in the middle.. bout 20 bucks or so.. its gonna take a while to tape the whole thing.....

    you might have to double tape..

    remember if you can see light coming out.. light is getting in.. if there is a small light leak you might end up with a hermie or male... so light proof the shit outa your container

  7. Yeah I'm just worried about light getting out because this bucket will be at the bottom of a pile and if light gets out it will look pretty suspicious.
  8. who cares if its suspicious if you get caught with a male flower with no thc in there... its a freakin male plant...

    i know your worried about it looking like a glow stick... be more worried about turning your hard work to shite with light leaks and a male plant thats worthless

  9. Wait, will light from the wrong color spectrum cause it to start out male?
  10. I had an idea about one of these tubs that would be fairly cheap.

    If you go get a roll of black Duct tape and line the entire container with it. Then you could paint the inside with flat white paint or mylar (emergency blanket) or even get some white duct tape if you can't paint and cover it again.

    I would think with the black tape no light would get out.

    Havn't tried it just a thought.

  11. no... light leaks during flower is super bad... turns your plants males or hermies... or your plant has problems flowering.. it thinks the sun is still up
  12. good idea... just paint the inside all black then white... that way you know you have two complete layers of paint... this way you know you wont have light leaks
  13. No. Gender in MJ is genetically pre-determined.
  14. Nevermind. Disreguard my comments about light leaks.

    Listen to toasty. Jus his post count alone tells you who to listen too

    I need to do some more reading
  15. Actually Tih, you're both right.
    Spectrum isn't gonna change a thing.
    But light leaks can lead to a hermie. (on top of X amount of other factors)
  16. Well thanks for clarifying. But I shouldn't be giving out bad info. Worse than no info. Gonna have to work on that.
  17. thanks guys for helping. i put it in aluminum foil in a cardboard box and then in the bucket. it totally blends in and there isnt much light to leak in anyway
  18. Blue light tends to make more females as well as warmer temps. Sex is somewhat predetermined but not 100%. Marijuana will adapt to whatever works better. If you make your environment female friendly then you will tend to produce more females. I also read about a pre-germination technique where you place the seeds in a paper towel and place that inside a ziplock baggy with some banana peels for 2 weeks (changing peels when they start to become to rotten). The rotting releases ethylene which greatly increases the chance of being female (lots of people reported having 100% though i read it didn't guarantee).

    U can find some info about it here Robert A. Nelson: Hemp Husbandry ~ Botany & Breeding (Ch 4).
  19. tinfoil works
  20. foil in all truth probably holds more heat then it does reflect light, just tore all mine down today, looked at some charts and shit last night in another forum comparing all of the diff. reflective surfaces.

    foil was about 45 or 54percent I cant remember
    and the mylar was around 90 percent
    I think even flat white was more reflective than the foil lol

    I'll try to find it.

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